Eric Cloete, Cape Town’s very own accordion player

Eric and his Accordion

We snuck away from the belly dancing for an hour or so to grab some lunch at one of our favourite spots, Pastis. When I heard the gentle strains of an accordion starting up as we were ordering our food, I almost jumped out of my seat in glee.

If you've read our About Us page, then you'll know that I was inspired to start Cape Town Daily Photo as a result of my many visits to Eric Tenin's Paris Daily Photo. And I started visiting Paris Daily Photo because we'd visited Paris itself in 2006, and had utterly fallen in love with the city.

Eric Cloete has been playing the accordion since the age of 10. He performs at all kinds of events around the Cape, but incredibly, it was the first time we'd seen or heard him. He stopped at our table for a few minutes, and, when we mentioned how much we loved Amelie, he played us a couple of pieces from the movie. It couldn't have been better - perfect weather, lovely food, me all dressed up in my pretty belly dancing clothes, and a surprise reminder of our second-favourite city in the world. Just one more Cape Town experience to file under "Special Moments". ;-)

Visit Eric's website to read more about him, and follow his blog to find out where he'll be playing next. Also keep an eye out for his CD, Accordion Music of the World.

2 thoughts on “Eric Cloete, Cape Town’s very own accordion player

  1. sigrid

    I laughed so much when this came into my feed just now! Eric Cloete taught me Information Systems at varsity, and there was a rumour going around that he played the accordion! Of course, we all thought that was hilarious at the time, but I’m seriously glad he makes peoples day with this hobbie! Good for him!

  2. Paul

    All this talking about Paris reminded me of an interesting, yet trivial, bit of information. My dentist (he’s a bit of a weather fundi) noticed that Cape Town, Paris, and New York were all 11°C at the same time last week. This morning I received an email from him commenting on the fact that today they were all 12°C at the same time again.

    It seems that some of the best cities in the world are playing snap. Unfortunately for us we’re getting cooler, fortunately for Paris, they’re getting warmer.

    I think I’m going to miss summer!

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