Biking and Cycling around Cape Town

Biking and Cycling around Cape Town

Many years ago I got into cycling in a small way. I never rode in any fun rides or cycle tours, and never trained with friends. I bought a racing bike and started cycling around Cape Town, up to Melkbos (along our west coast), and around to Stellenbosch (the heart of wine country). It was awesome. Then Kerry-Anne came along and there was no more time left for riding my bike. :) In fact, I haven't ridden a bike in several years.

I discovered a company called Downhill Adventures that looks really cool, perhaps more so for visitors to Cape Town than locals. I haven't tried them out (so don't take this as a recommendation, please), but it seems as though one can hire proper, hardcore, mountain bikes from them and join trips on the slopes of Table Mountain, in Tokai Forest, and plenty of other places. It's always safer to cycle in a group when out in the middle of nowhere (which is exactly what it's like in the forests of Table Mountain), so I think it's great for people visiting Cape Town to be able to join others on a trip.

We should give this a bash some time... it would be fun cycling in the forest. The only concern that I have is regarding our fitness levels... I fear it would be insanely embarrassing. :D

8 thoughts on “Biking and Cycling around Cape Town

  1. Tracy

    I tried Downhill Adventures a few years ago while I was here on holiday from the UK. They were excellent (we did the Table Mountain ride, from the bottom cable-way station into town).

  2. Firefly

    Just got back from Indaba so has missed a couple of posts. I see you are a couple behind again. Srver problems or time problems? LOL. After Indaba I really need a break and to get out. Cycling around Cape Town’s natural areas sounds like a good way to unwind.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Tracy, for letting us know.

    Beverley, come now, you’re not that old! :)

    Firefly, we’re not behind… just take a look. :P Dude, you have no idea. Nope, no server issues here… the problem is called “a day job”… which at times turns into “a day/night job”… but, don’t stress, we’re sorted again… thanks for noticing. ;)

    Jelb, thanks very much!

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