I often feel like Charlie

Life in a glass elevator

Pondering this point of feeling like Charlie (in the glass elevator) had me needing a bite of chocolate. Fortunately, I managed to track down four marshmallow Easter eggs from not so long ago... which I duly shared with Kerry-Anne (who is presently cramming for a C++ exam in her office).

The glass elevator that you see in this photo is the one that I've taken on most mornings recently, from my basement parking spot on level -2, up to my office at level +3. The lift slowly ascends out of the abyss (called our basement) to present its occupants with this view. It's fairly pretty, not so? Well, particularly on clear days during sunrise and sunset - today the light was a little greyish-blue and the clouds were mounting, announcing a coolish, rainy week lying ahead.

I perpetually have a debate with myself when I arrive at work in the mornings: take the elevator, or take the stairs? For a long time the stairs won, then the elevator took over its rightful role in my life. Recently, I've started walking the five levels up to my office in the morning again. The trouble is that I often see someone I know taking the elevator, and then that boyish sense of competition takes over and I find myself having to beat them to the top - which I mostly do, of course; but then I have to try as hard as I can to keep my composure lest I breathe too hard and show my exhaustion. :D

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