Charly’s Bakery, don’t you think we deserve cake?

Charly's Bakery - new building
The legendary Charly's Bakery in Canterbury Street is what you behold in this photo. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like building accurately reflects the childlike manner in which one should enter the premises. Charly's Bakery is the place to go if you'd like to buy awesome-tasting-and-fantastically-decorated cakes. Just take a look at some of the wedding cakes in their gallery, but be careful not to even look at their cupcakes - as I fear that you could become an addict with just one glance!

One or two of our visitors recently alluded to the fact that there has been some irregularity with our daily posts. It's not your eyes deceiving you, or your RSS reader acting up; it's indeed Cape Town Daily Photo that's been in a little bit of turmoil for about a week.

Last week we had an incident with our hosting provider, with the result that I spent a large part of the week sourcing an alternative provider, setting up a brand new server, and migrating Cape Town Daily Photo away from the previous provider. Over this time, I have to admit that we slipped on posting for a few days, and so we're currently trying to catch up the lost days (which is almost like trying to catch up on last week's school homework!).

So, we've now found a new home in the Rackspace cloud and so far, so good. And, to be honest, it seems as though the site is just a tiny bit faster on our new server. Now, don't you think some kind of celebratory cake is in order? ;)

12 thoughts on “Charly’s Bakery, don’t you think we deserve cake?

  1. Pia K

    One of my golden moments in CT a few years back was a visit to Charly’s!:) Don’t remember the building looking quite like this then though, or perhaps I just didn’t look at the whole building (to occupied with some muckin’ afazing chocolate cake I guess…:)

  2. Paul

    Thanks folks… and Beverley, mind if we tag along next year? :)

    In case you haven’t noticed, take a look at two of the other SA daily photo blog by Pule and Les above. Both are from up north, almost a world away from our little corner of the country.

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  4. Andrew

    charly’s bakery is the best in the world take from me i know what am talkin about their deliciouse cup cakes especialy their wicket chocolate cake charly’s bakery you the best no one in the world love you guys keep making the best cakes

  5. celeste

    I love your show!! Visiting my son in Cape Town and I can’t wait to pop in2 ur shop and enjoy the delicious cakes!! Bringing my whole family with! Verry excited!!

  6. Joan Walter-Girout

    My granddaughter and I are arriving in Cape Town on the 28th April and even she (9 years old) can’t wait to visit Charly’s Bakery. We both love the programme.

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