Coffee & Cake (and a few table ads on the side)

Coffee and Cake and Table Adverts

Craving cake and coffee (and just needing to get out of the house) we ended up at Arnold's Restaurant in Kloof Street. While sitting there, I started to wonder about the flipfile of little adverts dotted on each table: I wondered (a) whether or not other parts of the world have this kind of table advertising, and (b) whether or not these ads really work.

For the first question, I'm hoping that you would assist me; and in the case of the second I have an opinion (and I wouldn't mind hearing your opinion of my opinion...). You'll find these little flipfiles of adverts in many restaurants, but I'd be keen to know from any of the advertisers if they've actually brought in much business; I'm not sure that they do bring in any significant amount. The concept of table ads is a great one, but I think that they generally fail in their delivery - in my opinion, of course.

I found myself browsing through a set of boring ads, putting the booklet down, and not thinking of it again. Sure, if I happened to be looking for a painter, or a plumber, then perhaps I'd take down the number... but then again, I'd just as easily find the info in the yellow pages when I'm home. What I'd like to find in these booklets are quirky, funny, interesting and off-beat adverts that catch my attention. I'd give those kind of ads a second look, give the advertiser credit for their originality, probably chat about the ad, and be more likely to take down the number (or hopefully URL!).

6 thoughts on “Coffee & Cake (and a few table ads on the side)

  1. Firefly

    Is it just me or why do I only see Friday’s post today and nothnih after? Strange.

    I would also rather use the Yellow Pages. I have often wondered about the success rate of such ads as well.

  2. Deems

    Nope – this post only appeared in my feed reader today.

    As for the effectiveness – I doubt very much that they’re really getting any business through them. As Paul mentioned in his post there’s nothing funny, quirky or something that stands out in any of them – and who thinks about looking for a plumber or painter while sitting down to have a cuppa or some lunch? I don’t.

    I agree too that they should be more eye catching and perhaps think about who the advertisers are on there – if more effort is put into the ads maybe they’ll garner more than half a glance. My 2cents, anyway.

  3. SaulK

    More importantly, next time you go to Arnolds get the double breakfast. Lots of eggs and lots of bacon means tons of cholesterol and obviously a hectic case of swine flu. It’s awesome, seriously.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Firefly & Deems – you’re not going crazy, take a look at the post dated 2 May. :D

    I sometimes think that the “marketing” people, like Sue in this case, simply cash in on people who aren’t marketing-savvy. And as you said Deems, just my 2c. :-/

    @Obnoxio – Hey, perhaps there’s a quick buck to be made in the US, UK and Middle East. :D

    @SaulK – …think I have swine flu… oh, no, hold on, sorry, ’twas just a little dust. Best get two of those breakfasts.

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