Seems someone doesn’t like Hake…

Kill Hake graffiti

A week or two back we posted a photo of a rather creative piece of street art in Green Point, bearing the name "Hake". One of our readers, Michelle, commented that she'd seen a number of his tags around the southern suburbs too, so presumably he's fairly prolific.

It seems he has an enemy, though (look at me, being all sexist and assuming that Hake is a boy... tsk tsk), if the writing in this photo is anything to go by. I spotted this as we were driving around Vredehoek, and made Paul screech to a halt so that he could get out and grab a photo. By a happy co-incidence the man in the background entered the frame just as Paul was busy composing his shot - I think he adds an extra bit of interest to the photo, don't you?

5 thoughts on “Seems someone doesn’t like Hake…

  1. Paul

    Heh – paul – I doubt that it’s municipal branding, but what would make you thinks so (assuming that you don’t mean the writing in this photo)?

  2. omniscient

    How i did not stumble across this earlier, is baffling.
    but regardless, its brilliant to see respect for an artist i have come to notice as not only prolific, as Kerry-Anne so rightly mentioned; but also one for the pure love of street art.
    Of late, there has been a lot of disrespectful ethics creeping its way into what we simply used to call ‘writing’.
    I remember the days when you could take a panel on a train or a corner of a mailbox and that was your space. other artists would work with your work or around your work and anyone who went over your work deliberately, were TOYS!!
    Now it seems like its a free for all game of pretense… whatever this feud is, or as it more rightly appears, “beef” someone has with HAKE. i sincerely hope it’s friendly competition and nothing over turf. As they’re both doing a fairly decent job of being recognised with pretty work.

    This pic doesn’t do justice to the work i’ve seen around… anyone have better pics to post??

  3. Paul

    Omniscient, you appear to know far more about the topic than what we do – so thanks for your comment! Did you see this post with one more of Hake’s pieces?

    Also, perhaps you’d care to see our graffiti archive – it’s not extensive, but there are a couple of interesting photos.

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