Vehicle licence

Vehicle Licence

Each year around this time I receive a kind letter in the mail (as do many of you, I'm guessing), requesting me to present myself at the traffic department to pay for and collect my new vehicle licence disc. This year I got smart and handed the paperwork and cash over to my company's "Yell4Yellow" staff who stood in the queue for me and returned later that day, disc in hand. It was the best experience ever. :D

Yes, I realise that although I mentioned a "licence disc", this paper doesn't look quite like a disc. I've in fact neatly cut out the disc from the bottom left corner of this sheet and attached it to the lower left corner of my car's windshield. From my quick Google image search it would seem as though the UK has a similar system.

Please leave a comment and let us know if your country uses licence discs?

Oh, the red scrawl in the background is the makings of a blueprint for software that a colleague and I were designing. Isn't it lovely that my job allows me to draw pictures?

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  1. Louis

    Did you know that you can pay for your license renewal via EFT, email the proof to Cape Town Licensing, and they’ll post the new license & disc to you?

    I’ve done it this way for the last two years.

  2. Beverley

    Yes we have to renew our licenses once a year but now we can do them in several ways and of course the easiest for us is via the internet and yes we do have a paper disc that gets sent to us once they have payment etc and the disc must be displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle..

  3. Paul

    Post author

    @Louis – woah dude! Thank you! I had no idea… wow. We’ll give that at try with Kerry-Anne’s Cooper. It should be due soon.

    @Firefly – Okay, so will you try out the EFT and email thing?

    @Beverley – Now that’s the UK of course. You don’t perhaps know about other countries that you’ve visited hey Bev?

  4. Louis

    It’s like the first thing I tell old friends form Jozi when I get ranting about CT! :) Along with “you hardly ever see traffic lights that stay unfixed for weeks, yet alone days, yet alone at all”.

  5. Ashleigh

    We also have to have our vehicles registered in the States; however, they usually send out the vehicle license with sticker in the mail each year. Although, in some states (like mine) they now require that you have your vehicle inspected before you are issued a new license. I think they are trying to crack down on vehicle safety and exhaust emissions.

    PS: Love your blog- follow it every day!

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Ashley, yeah, I’ve been wondering when they’ll start introducing that here – I mean, where vehicles have to be checked for roadworthyness when renewing one’s license. It does make sense I guess, and could assist in reducing road accidents caused by poorly maintained vehicles… and then there’s that exhaust emissions thing – wow – every now and again I’m caught behind a real smoker, and besides for my lungs, it’s not great for the environment.

    Thanks for following! :)

  7. kai

    In Germany you only get your licence plate when registering and paying car taxes. You also must have a 3rd party liability insurance.

    Each year you just pay your car taxes. If you don’t your licence will get on a police list or somebody visits you at home and clamp your car.

  8. Paul

    Post author

    3rd Party Liability insurance is a GREAT idea. People don’t think about it, but if I were to crash my cheap car that I don’t care much for into an expensive Ferrari… oooo… the court may just rule that all my possessions get sold to replay the damage. Not a great position to be in!

    What they do here, if you don’t pay the license, is fine you a fair sum of money for each month that it’s outstanding. If you’re caught in a roadblock they make you pay on the spot… or, well, at least try to… I’m not sure that they’re allowed to actually detain you in a cell or anything. But, who cares… as long as you pay up, you’re good-to-go! :)

  9. Andrew

    ‘Hi Ashley, yeah, I’ve been wondering when they’ll start introducing that here – I mean, where vehicles have to be checked for roadworthyness when renewing one’s license. It does make sense I guess, and could assist in reducing road accidents caused by poorly maintained vehicles… and then there’s that exhaust emissions thing – wow – every now and again I’m caught behind a real smoker, and besides for my lungs, it’s not great for the environment.’

    100%. Should be roadworthy mandatory every year as is the case in the UK. Get dodgy, dangerous cars off the road, and those that do not meet emission restrictions. Terrible for our environment – pollution and higher emissions means more CO2, leading to global warming. This should not be ignored. Outragious to me that it is, ‘going green’ is not a fad!

  10. Ricardo

    In Cape Town, we have a company that you can renew your disc with online and you have it delivered to your office or home www.{REMOVED} try it guys.

    [Edit by Paul]: I’ve removed the link to the site above because the author of this comment has not responded to the comments below and we’ve subsequently had reports of suspect behaviour.

  11. Paul

    Post author

    Hi guys,

    I don’t know Ricardo and haven’t heard of his website previously, so while they may be cool, just be careful to make sure that they are legit.

    Don’t give out your personal details (like your ID document, license papers, etc.) without making sure that they are legit.

    (Sorry Ricardo, you guys may be cool, but I just don’t know.)

  12. Jean

    I have no idea where the traffic department sends my notifications. All I do know is that I’ve given them my correct address about a million times, but they never seem to know where I live.

    Any idea what happens if you don’t have your notification? Can you just go stand in the queue with your ID and your car licence number? I’ve started getting those fines and am many months overdue… Tried calling them but it’s a slow time of year.

  13. Paul

    Post author

    Kerry-Anne changed her address and they lost the change… which meant, like you, she never received the renewal notice. In her case she never realised this and the other day we had a fine for R600. This sucks big-time.

    I’d go to the traffic department or municipality to renew the license. Take up the problem with them when you’re there. Perhaps some day the update will work. :)

  14. Louis

    Jean: yeah, just go with your ID and car registration details; a previous license paper (what’s left after you cut out the disc) is perfect.

    The license dept at the civic centre had long queues when I was there (for change of ownership) a few days ago, no doubt because people are on leave. But rather that than getting into a tight spot at a road block eh?

  15. Lynx

    So what is this “Cape Town Licensing”‘s email address? I can’t find any official instructions on the net…

    O and Ricardo, are you maybe the ricardo@{REMOVED} listed on the website you mentioned? …
    sounds dodgy to me

  16. Louis

    I’m not going to post the address of the individual I deal with (that wouldn’t be right) but I started out by emailing accounts at and they directed me from there.

    I don’t think Ricardo was claiming not to be involved with so I don’t know what you feel is dodgy about it. However: Ricardo, I emailed you about something I need in early December – when am I going to hear from you? :)

  17. Jean

    Queues weren’t too bad. Just avoid lunchtime, and last minute. Was in and out of there in 35 minutes, and everyone was damn sweet – even though all I had with me was my licence PLATE number and ID, and they had to look up the rest.

  18. Mark

    Hi there,

    Im the manager at the Yell for Yellow desk at your company, im so happy to hear about your positive experience with our service. besides just licence renewals, did you know that we can pay your traffic fines on your behalf, order your lunch for you and even give you a wake up call too?

    Let me know about your other experiences with Yell for Yellow, lets see how we can simplify your life today!


  19. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment. Your guys are awesome! Yes, I knew that you could pay traffic fines on our behalf – but, do you mean that you fund the amount as well? ;)


  20. Mark

    Phone City Of Cape Town

    0860 103 089

    Follow the voice prompts for Traffic.

    A nice lady will answer the phone.

    Tell her you’d like to pay via EFT and have them post your license disk to you.

    Done. Simple.

  21. Scam Alert

    Hey guys this online place are terrible – I have been waiting weeks for my tracking number they apparently send and still no response – they dont answer mails they dont answer my calls – so rather dont trust them they either very unprofessional or a scam company –

  22. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for your feedback Scam Alert. I’ve removed Ricardo’s URL from these comments. In case you don’t have it, his email address is the one previously quoted by Lynx.

    Email me if you’d like the site owner’s address and telephone number.

  23. Max

    Goos Day

    I bought a car from someone late 2010, but disk was expiring in 2010 Dec but when i go to the nearest Vehicle license center I was told to come with a registration of the car unfortunately , the person who sold it to me had already change it to me , bt for me to license it took me for ever.

    Ive been in and out these centers with no luck and that forces me to drive an un roadworthy car.

    Pls someone help me out as i don’t want to be caught in this car


  24. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Max,

    You should receive a white paper in the mail to remind you to renew the license. You just need to fill in a few details on the form and take that to the vehicle registration center.

    If you haven’t received such a notice in the mail then you should inform the registration center of this – perhaps they can print one for you. You should also confirm with them that they have your correct postal address (maybe the notification went to someone else, like the previous owner).

    It’s probably best to explain to the person you speak with at the registration office what the problem is. If they won’t help you, then ask to speak to their boss. If they can’t help you, then ask to speak to their boss… until you find someone who can. :)

    Here are a few webpages that may help:
    Offical forms
    Registration offices
    Questions about licensing

    I hope this helps,

  25. Brandon

    Hi. Ricardo from onlinerenewals is a fraudster and a thief. He stole my money, no service or product, no refund. I have laid a charge of theft against him. Can someone please send me his residential or postal address. I am also instituting legal proceedings against him. We must root out the scammers.

  26. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Brandon, thanks for the update – I hope you manage to get your money back! Though, I’m guessing it’s more the principle of the matter than the money itself.

    Just to let you know, I’ve edited your comment to remove Ricardo’s surname as I’m not sure of the legal ramifications of raising such allegations on a public forum.

    Good luck with your case!

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