A hospital room with a view

Night time intersection

The building that you can see more or less in the middle of this photo is the Panorama Medi-Clinic, one of the best known private hospitals in Cape Town. Take a look at the lights spreading out in the background and you'll probably be able to work out why this area is called Panorama. It's located on the slopes of Tygerberg Hill, in the northern suburbs, and from here you can see a very large part of greater Cape Town.

The Panorama Medi-Clinic was opened in 1986, and was the very first hospital launched by the Medi-Clinic group. I'm not a big fan of hospitals in general, due to having spent quite a bit of time in one when I was a toddler. Being in a hospital environment always brings up vague feelings of trauma for me, so I avoid them as far as possible. If you don't have any such qualms, though, then take a visual tour of the Panorama Medi-Clinic. :)

5 thoughts on “A hospital room with a view

  1. mjw

    I think I got lost there once. I was trying to find Edgemead and missed a turnoff due to contruction work.

    Bloody northern suburbs…

  2. Emm

    Oh, this photo is lovely! I love driving around at night and seeing the city lights! I wonder if it is a South African thing, because they don’t look as nice in London?

  3. Paul

    mjw – Ah, but that is the other Edgemede turnoff. Do I sense an anti-northern-suburbs-attitude? tut tut ;)

    Emm – you’re too sweet – I’m sure London has pretty streets. Perhaps it’s just the slightly extended exposure time. :)

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