Where should we go for waffles?

Waffle and Ice Cream
Every now and again Paul gets a craving for waffles, and although I don't actually have a particularly sweet tooth, I never object, of course.

When we were younger, the best place for waffles and ice cream was undoubtedly Milky Lane. Well, either our tastes have matured, or Milky Lane's waffles have deteriorated considerably...

Sure, it might look yummy, but that's just because Paul takes such good photos. ;-) I actually have no idea what was in the centre of this waffle (you can't see it in the photo) - the poster on the wall said "chocolate mousse", but (a) it didn't look anything like the filling on the poster and (b) it was surprisingly... chewy. Apart from that, the service was iffy, and the waffles were a lot smaller than I remember them being.

So, since we probably won't be visiting Milky Lane in a hurry again, where do you suggest we go next time Paul is bitten by the waffle bug?

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  1. Francois

    Me and Paul share this love of waffles. Unfortunately I share your experience regarding the quality of the Milky Lane waffle – not so good any more. I tried Wimpy recently, but cannot recommend. Kaapzicht in Strand is good – but that is quite out of your range. O, the quest for a good waffle! Keep us informed if you find one before us.

    Thank You for interesting links, photos and tales. Keep on doing it!

  2. Paul

    Although the one I had (nuts and ice cream) wasn’t the greatest, it did satisfy the need. :) Francois, a good waffle is never out of our range. :D – I think we’ll have to give Kaapzicht a try. Thanks for the tip.

    When I use to work in the city center, colleagues and I use to get waffles at a place called Peckers, near the railway station. Their waffles were phenomenal! But, as with many things, they deteriorated and no longer exist.

    So yes, please, if anyone knows of a particularly good waffle experience, do let us know. Please…

  3. Guinivea

    Yummy Waffles!!!! I must say my ultimate waffle is from Wimpy…the banana toffee one…it is the best ever!!! I agree about Milky Lane…and that goes for their milkshakes too, definitely not what they used to be.

  4. Tracy

    Friends of ours, Chris and Karin Krauer, make and sell amazing Belgian waffles at the Willowbridge market on Saturdays. They’re legendary!

  5. Emm

    I think it must be that branch, surely? I went to Milky Lane in Sandton City when I was back in Jo’burg and it was amazing! It totally lived up to my fond memories! Maybe send them this photo and see if you can’t get some free vouchers and try another branch?

  6. Beverley

    Well that’s one place I won’t be adding to my ever growing list of places to visit in CT…but just might have to give Willowbridge market a visit on a Saturday morning!!

  7. AJ

    I haven’t had a lovely SA waffle for a few years, but we always went to Spur. They were quite lovely. Does Spur still exist?

  8. Glen

    It is just such a pity that we don’t have a Waffle House in Cape Town. Every year when we head to the south coast of KZN, we try to make a visit to the famous Waffle House in Ramsgate near Margate and I can say first hand that their waffles are the best I’ve ever had. Nothing comes close.

  9. Paul

    Woah, it seems as though you guy like waffles – a lot. Good on you!

    Firefly – yup, we use to make them too. I’d end up having 3 in one sitting… all piled up high with ice cream. It was terrible for the waistline. Really. They were pretty darn awesome though!

    Guinivea – yes, the staff just seemed so lack-luster… which to an extent I can understand – I think they have a pretty crummy job.

    Obnoxio – dude, that’s just a wee tad far to drive. But, thanks for the thought anyway. You should have one on us. ;)

    mjw – Yup, down the drain… all our childhood memories. Oh, speaking of memories… I still need to get that Faraday Cage…. :-/

    Tracy – You know, this must be fate. We’ll have try your friends waffles. Friends of ours told us about them on Saturday evening. I’ll definitely try them!

    Emm – I’m really glad to hear this. Kerry-Anne and I will be in Jozi towards the end of June, so perhaps we’ll stop over at Santon City for a taste of these apparently-spectacular Milky Lane waffles. (I don’t think it’s likely that I’d ever refuse waffle vouchers… go ahead!) :)

    Beverley – yes you must try the Willowbridge ones. I’m sure they’re great, but even if they’re only “good”, eating them in the open-air Willowbridge center will be really nice I think.

    AJ – yes, the Spur is still around. As kids we use to have waffles at the Spur, and they were AWESOME! But, even before Milky Lane took a dive in quality, Spur hit rock bottom… and then kept digging. They seem to buy frozen waffles and heat them in a toaster (or perhaps under a grill). They’re thin, fairly tasteless, and tiny in comparison to what you may expect. I certainly won’t recommend them these days.

    Glen – thanks for the tip. If we’re ever out that way I’ll make darn sure that we stop over at the Waffle House. You have me all excited!

  10. Emm

    Ha! I wasn’t offering to send in your complaint for you! I was merely suggesting that you do so. I have enough letters of complaint to send in regarding the super service we get in London. Actually, I complained to Spur about the branch at the Millennium Dome and got £60 worth of vouchers.

  11. Paul

    Emm, it would seem as though dyslexiaclically (or wishfully) I inserted an “I’ll” between “Maybe” and “send”… :(

    Perhaps I’ll send the photo+post+comments to them… perhaps they’ll respond asking me to take down the post… perhaps I won’t… perhaps they’ll try to sue… which would be silly, but anyway…

    Ah, hell, perhaps I’ll do so anyway… perhaps I’ll get awfully fat as a result. :-/

    If you hear me raving about Milky Lane some time soon, know that they paid me off. :D

  12. Emm

    I don’t know – Wesbank comb blogs for news of them and contacted a friend of mine after they received disgusting service and blogged about it. Their problem was sorted out within minutes and they didn’t ask for anything… I guess they presumed (correctly) that my friend would follow it up with a glowing, happy, satisfied post.

  13. Steve Crane

    I will never set foot in a Milky Lane again. Last time I did, at the Somerset Mall branch, I was served a leathery thing that did not deserve to be called a waffle. As far as I can tell it had been pre-cooked and reheated in a microwave.

    Having experienced the original Milky Lane in Hillbrow I have a good idea of what a waffle should really taste like and if Milky Lane have forgotten what this is I see no reason to visit them again.

  14. Johan

    16 June 2009 – We just came from Milky Lane in Somerset Mall. We were very dissapointed with the service. We ordered 2 coffees and 2 wafles (the waitress told us they do noy have cream!!!) with ice cream. We waited about 45 minutes and have only received the coffee. I went to the counter and complained about their non-existing service. We waited another 5 minutes and decided to go somewhere else. We will not make use of the Milky Lane in Somerset Mall again.
    I hope the owners will get hold of the note as this was about the 4th time that we had very laid-back service.

  15. Paul

    Hi Johan,

    Your experience was little different from ours. I eyeballed the waitress until she felt uncomfortable enough to come and get our order. I never timed how long it took to present the waffles to us, but have you ever watched paint dry? :)

    I’m fairly sure that it’s a management issue. Perhaps staff are treated badly, underpaid, made to work longer than normal hours, etc. Perhaps the owner of the franchise is sitting at home, comfy, watching the money roll in because South Africans generally tolerate poor service and Milky Lane historically has a strong brand.

    Perhaps this will all change. What Cape Town needs is strong waffle and ice-cream competitition. So, if you’re an investor… just read the comments above. There’s a huge market ready to support you. Pick the location well and you’ll make a killing.

  16. Brigitte

    Paul darling, these waffles are all made on site, from some premix straight out the tube. I agree they are chewy, artificial and heavy and not fluffy at all like Spur and Milky Lane waffles used to be. I wish these restaurants would be buying the Beekies frozen waffles and toast them. My husband is Belgian and this is the only waffle that ever got his thumbs up. Get some at Pick n Pay, Spar or Fruit & Veg and try them out. They are 5 in a pack and big, thick and fluffy.These waffles are delicious and frankly I wouldn’t mind if I were served a decent prebaked waffles VS a floppy soggie so called home made version !!! Of course need we educate the public that waffles are NEVER microwaved ! Try these, you’ll go back for more x

  17. Paul

    Hi Brigitte,

    Perhaps different Spurs do it differently. I asked a waitress once if they were premade and she said they were… but then when at a Spur in Bloemfontein I asked and the waitress reported that they were in fact cooked fresh. The one on Bloem was way better than the first, so perhaps it’s just that particular spur that reheats theirs! :)

    Thanks for the tip about Beekies – I’ve seen them at Fruit & Veg but never given them a try.

  18. Rogier

    You all seem to be foodies, so you must have been at the Biscuit Mill on a Saturday and the Belgian waffles there are the same we have back home (Belgium). We call it the Kermis wafel and it is light, crispy and definitely the best I have had in ZA.

  19. Paul

    Thanks Rogier, I haven’t had waffles at the Biscuit Mill yet, but I’ve had at the Slow Food Market in Willowbridge. Theirs were also light and crispy, but had no ice cream… which is kinda like having waffles, but without the fun. ;)

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