BenRiach Whisky

Benriach's 16-year old Cape of Storms whisky
I'm not sure how many of our readers drink whisky, but if you do, then you'll understand when I say that our evening out at a whisky tasting was fantastic... especially when the BenRiach guys served up, amongst others, their finest 20-year-old!

The BenRiach Distillery in Scotland was first established in 1898, and only 5 years ago purchased from the Chivas Brothers by three entrepreneurs, two of whom were South Africans... which is how I imagine this bottle of 16-year-old gold received its name. In total we tasted five bottles, ranging from the 20-year-old, to a fine 10-year-old (which I actually enjoyed more that the 20 year old).

The most interesting things that I learned from the evening were (a) that a "single malt" is a whisky that comes from a single distillery and is made from a single type of malted grain, and (b) that most of BenRiach's casks (the barrels in which the whisky matures) are second-hand bourbon casks purchased mostly from the USA (thank you, Jack Daniel's!). :)

4 thoughts on “BenRiach Whisky

  1. Obnoxio The Clown

    Many single malts are matured in second-hand casks, often those used for Sherry, Port or Cognac manufacture. I’ve even had one that was oaked in barrels used to make Chardonnay. :o)

    Try Glenfiddich Solera Reserve, for example. ;o)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Obnoxio, yes, that’s exactly what the BenRiach guy was telling us. It’s true, they do use Sherry casks as well… and I could have sworn that he mentioned Chardonnay … although, now I’m sure not to forget. Ta.

    I’ve had Glenfiddich before, but I’m not sure that it was the 15 year old. In fact, I doubt it was. It does sound as though you know somewhat more than I do about the subject though… hell, before the evening I wouldn’t have known why a single malt was a single malt. :)

    Beverley, heh – yes. The irony is that Kerry-Anne likes Whisky more than I do! I mean, I drink it, and appreciate it, but she’ll order one before I do… although, Beer’s not too far off from Whisky… all it really lacks is about 10 years in a Sherry cask!

  3. Parker Anderson

    BenRiach Curiositas Peated 10 Years Old uses a heavily peated malted barley to produce a unique, fresh,peated expression.The peated malts achieve the maximum balance of oak infusion.It has an excellent dram which improves with water. It gives you a kick that you will never forget.

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