Die Burger, Naspers and The Borg

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Die Burger, first published as long ago as 26 July 1915, is a super-popular print newspaper read mostly by Afrikaans-speaking South Africans. The name is essentially a direct translation of The Citizen, which I would imagine to be a popular name for newspapers all around the world.

Die Burger is owned by Naspers, a large corporate that owns other well-known print brands such as Huisgenoot (and YOU), Drum, Fair Lady, City Press, Shape, Daily Sun, City Press, Beeld, etc. Many years ago Naspers formed a pay-television company, M-Net, and a television signal-distribution and communications company, MultiChoice. The company expanded in later years to create a large Internet service provider called MWeb, then launched the Media24 division (with it's *24 brands), and in more recent years started buying stakes in hot-shot digital startup companies like MXit and Blue World Communities.

People have often referred to large software companies such as IBM and Microsoft as "The Borg" due to their strategy of buying out the competition's software to add to their growing portfolio of solutions. It's become apparent to me that, due to their size and pervasiveness in the market, in some ways Naspers is becoming South Africa's own Borg of the media and publication sector...

8 thoughts on “Die Burger, Naspers and The Borg

  1. Genevieve Burrow

    Hi Paul and Kerry-Anne,

    I visit your site regularly and your photos are refreshing and quite lovely. I was wondering if you have any clients or sponsors for your site? I read that you both work full-time elsewhere… it must surely be tricky navigating your “office job(s)” with your passion?

    Well done on a great site!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Genevieve,

    Thanks very much. I’m glad that you enjoy them!

    We do have one tiny sponsor, Cape Town Direct, you’ll find their advert in the bar on the right. We’re kinda trying out Adgator (a Cape Town-based Adsense competitor) as well… although since it’s reasonably new we’re not earning a much there at all. And that’s about the sum total of our advertisers.

    We haven’t actually gone out canvasing for adverts… we’re not keen to have CTDP too littered with adverts and would like to keep the ones we have very relevant – so Cape Town-based business only.

    Oh, yes, fully, we have other jobs… check out our “About us” section… there’s no way we’d survive on Cape Town Direct’s advertising contribution. :)

    Thanks again for your comment – it’s nice to hear from readers.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Azeeza, try contacting Die Burger and asking if they’re able to supply you with the photo. I’m sure you’ll have to pay for it, but how much is anyone’s guess. Good luck!

  4. Azeeza

    I have tried to get access to the archives but with no success.
    I would like to get hold of the photo for sentimental reasons -lost mine when moving

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