Birds of steel for your garden

Birds of steel for your garden
I'm not one to buy curios, furniture, or other goods from road-side sellers. Perhaps I should, but it would be on rare occasions that I'd stop and browse, let alone buy. After taking the photos of the tyre swing seats I wandered over to a lady selling birds made of some kind of metal - possibly copper - hey, possibly copper from old hot-water cylinders!

I found out that the cost for these (what I'm assuming to be garden statues) ranges from R180 for the large, more detailed birds at the back, to R150 for the large, but less detailed ones in the second-last row. The price decreases along with the size of the bird, all the way down to R50 for ones about the size of a shoe-box.

As with the tyre-swings, you'll find this stand just up the road from the Stodels Nursery in Bellville.

4 thoughts on “Birds of steel for your garden

  1. Pia K

    These look grand! I’d love to have a couple, alas I reside too, too far away. We did get a rather lovely large carved wooden head when in SA, bought from a seller beside the road. Not too keen on stopping either, but I think they have some truly lovely things on offer. And the handmade ingenuity of it, that’s really inspiring!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Emm, I hear you – that copper-wire theft is bloody annoying. In this case though, unless the lady in the back right corner had a smelter at home I doubt that the flat sheets of copper she used originate from our telephone or power grid. Unless, of course, stolen copper wire was smelted and formed into hot-water cylinders. ;)

    PiaK, I some times marvel at African ingenuity in reusing discarded items. Car tyres, hot-water cylinders, milk-bottle caps, soda cans… and the list goes on almost indefinitely. :)

  3. Beverley

    Oh I would so love to have one of these in my garden but not sure how I’d get away with walking on the plane to bring one back to the UK..maybe a small one I could manage, must think about it for next time!!

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