Where to buy tyre swings

Tyre swings for sale

At the end of last month I posted a photo of a swing made from an old car tyre. Today I happened to spot a road-side vendor selling these tyre swings pretty close to where I live. Don't you think it's far better to put these tyres to use as a swing than to have them lie about polluting the environment? I just wish that they would make swings for big people. Perhaps some old 4x4 tyres would work nicely... heh, one could even have a premium-class swing made from BMW run-flat tyres! :D

I didn't think of it at the time, but I should have asked the vendor (sitting in the far right corner of the photo) how much these cost. I can't believe that they would be expensive, so if anyone is interested, leave a comment and I'll stop by to find out for you.

If you'd like one for your kids (or even for someone else's), you'll find this vendor just up the road from the Stodels Nursery in Bellville. I've marked it here on Wikimapia.

Why not consider buying two of these and some tough rope, and then setting them up in a field or forest somewhere where someone would use them? You'd support the vendor and possibly make some kids (or skinny big people) happy at the same time... the butterfly effect, you know! :)

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  1. Nixgrim

    There’s another tyre swing vendor on the corner of Liesbeeck Parkway and Park Rds in Rondebosch. I think they’re about R50, but that may just be a rumour I heard.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Nixgrim, cool – thanks. R50 sounds about right to me.

    Obnoxio, I’m sure that it would be more difficult to invert runflats, but perhaps not. I took a look at profile photos of the tyre walls and while thicker than normal, not unreasonably so. Take a look here: http://www.bmwcarclub.co.za/2008/12/run-flat-101/

    If anyone has a couple of runflats that we can experiment with… :)

  3. Michelle den Hoed


    I was actually looking for tyre swings to buy on the internet when I stumbled across this site. I am looking for three of these tyre swings but live in Jeffreys bay and could not find any around here. I am willing to pay for tyres and a courier but do not know anyone in Cape Town to purchase them for me… If there is a good samaritan out there that will be willing to help me. I can send a courier to pick them up…

    Kind Regards

  4. emma spencer

    I’m desperate for one or 2 of these swings – but live in the uk. Do you know where I can get them from? or how to purchase them and get them shipped??
    Many thanks

  5. Toni-lea Wrigey

    I am so excited as i have been trawling the internet for one of these swings but cant find any near where i live so thank you so much for posting this site as it has inspired me enormously 10/10 for the site

  6. Garth van Coller

    Hi I stumbled across your web page and would like to know if anybody is aware of a location that vendors are selling from in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town. What do they cost in 2010.

  7. Nic Cameron

    I’d like to make enquiries into purchasing a large order of tyre swings, please get back to me as soon as possible.



  8. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Garth, I’m sorry, I missed your comment in December. I’m afraid that I’m not aware of vendors selling swings in the Southern Suburbs. Not that there aren’t any, it’s just that I don’t live out that way.

    Nic, what do you mean by a large order? I don’t sell swings but if the order’s large enough, I’m sure I can hook you up. :)

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  10. Rachma

    Tyre swings for sale, with rope. Can be mounted onto any solid structure.
    I have pink rope for girls, blue for boys and yellow and black.

    Perfect for kids this summer!!!


    Call Rachma – 079 313 6774 / email me @ rachma_8@live.com

    I also have picnic benches for sale @ R850 Brand New.

    comes with a whole in the middle for an umbrella.

  11. Rosie

    Hi i am about to start making Tyre Swings. I can get approx 80 tyres in the next few weeks and will be making them out of leftover Tyres..

  12. Charlene

    Hi. We supply tyre swings in the parys, carletonville area. Contact me if you want to place an order. Price R70.00 per tyre swing.

  13. Juan Piek

    One or two things to keep in mind.
    The swings next to the road is cut wrong, the angles are wrong. On the end the wires are sticking out!
    You can only use a 165, 175 or 185 tyre, 195 is already a bit big so forget run flats!
    Purchase from a reputable jungle gym company like Pole Yard or Cape Jungle Kids that you know you get the best end result.

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