Constantia Nek Restaurant, the oldest in Cape Town?

Constantia Nek Restaurant

According to their website, the Constantia Nek Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Cape Town. I think that my mother would contest that as she often feels like her kitchen is the oldest restaurant in Cape Town. ;)

Seriously though, I can't confirm whether or not it's true, but based on the fact that the restaurant is in a spot secluded from the city's development I guess that it's possible that the restaurant is the oldest surviving restaurant in Cape Town. I have to be honest and say that we've never had dinner there, but I do remember stopping by for a couple of beers while watching a friend of mine play guitar in a band.

Back then the inside was decorated old-style, with benches that you'd expect to find in an old English tavern. What was really cool about the place was that they had extra-warm (that's slightly warmer than warm) fires burning inside to keep the place nice and toasty during winter evenings. While I stood outside taking this photo, I could hear voices and laughter emanating from the building - it would seem as though that warmth lives on, fire or no fire.

9 thoughts on “Constantia Nek Restaurant, the oldest in Cape Town?

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Hey, I never knew of Perseverance Tavern – thanks for the link! I’m def going to have to check out that cold spot… I’ll get all psyched up by watching Ghostbusters or something. :)

    “The summit of the Nek was an obvious resting point on the road to Hout Bay and as early as 1811 the land was leased, probably to furnish sustenance to travelers. The land changed hands a number of times till April 1923 Sydney Vincent Halls became the owner and the property was broken up. Halls set up a farm stall in the Nek and a couple of years later built the present “Candle Room” in which teas were served.”

    I guess the writer doesn’t consider a Tavern a restaurant. :)

  2. Julian Holden

    Hi howzit? In 1998 I was head chef at the Nek for about 6 months. It was owned then by the Mueller family. I’m a german trained master chef and they came from Namibia and we all spoke german together. There were a great bunch of lads there, Gilbert and Mombassa my two chefs, and Dinky, Jackson, and William just to mention a few of the waiters. Keith and Ally an Austrian, were the managers then. A band called “Ruby” with Ivano on the drums used to play at the weekend. I wonder if they are still all there. I’m now living back in the UK after being deported in 2001, (My papers ran out and I got caught). What happy memories, I’ll treasure them forever. Best wishes to all from Julian.

  3. Julian Holden

    Hi Futz, my email is I’d like to know a bit about this restaurant as I only worked there for about 6 months, but it was a happy time…I also worked as head chef at the Long Street Cafe in Cape Town for a few months, the Croaking Frog in Kommiji Formerly Knightswood bush pub I believe. I also worked at the “Huggers Marina” underneathe the ABC boat club in the marina in Hout Bay with a chef called Martin Myburg….Unfortunately I’ve lost contact with him..he used to call me Pops because of my age….I was in my 50’s and he was a young whipper snapper, but a great guy. Looking forward to hearing from you, take care, Julian

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  5. Trevor

    After a meeting in CT CBD today, drove the long way scenic way home via Hout Bay and Constantia Nek. Upsetting to see the Constantia Nek restaurant closed and boarded up – remember it as bustling and busy place. Anybody know when it closed ?

  6. Julian

    It’s sad to hear that the “Nek” is closed, why? It used to be busy when I was head chef there. What’s happened to the Mueller family who owned it. I know Mr. Mueller wasn’t in the best of health, but he has two grown up sons and a wife. He used to live behind the restaurant. It would be nice to know why it is closed because I had a great time there.

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