Mavericks – don’t expect to find Tom Cruise here


Now if Mavericks were spelled with an apostrophe-s then I'd say your chances of finding Tom Cruise here would be small to good. In this case however, there is no apostrophe, and Mavericks is indeed - as I'm sure you can gather from this billboard - a strip club.

I've no idea how many such clubs there are in Cape Town. The only two that I can remember ever seeing are Mavericks and Teasers... and I guess this is because they're the only ones that I've ever seen advertised.

I clicked on over to the Mavericks (careful, PG-rated content) website to see what it's all about, and noticed two things. The first is that the place looks stylish and has a red Moulin Rouge feel and atmosphere. The other thing that was apparent is that most of the ladies working at the clubs are from Eastern Bloc countries like Russia and Lithuania. In fact, the "dancer application form" is downloadable in two languages, English and Russian!

7 thoughts on “Mavericks – don’t expect to find Tom Cruise here

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Oh wow Mandy – never heard of the place – it shows how innocent I am. ;) I now have that Boney M track lodged in my brain. Just checked out the site – I’m really glad the images are such low-res… no, really. The weird music is giving me heart palpitations…. gotta go switch it off… bye…

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I haven’t seriously considered going, so I guess the chance that I do is fairly small. I am curious to see first-hand what’s going on, but it isn’t really my scene… I guess I’d feel pretty uncomfortable. How about you?

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