A long long corridor

A long corridor
You may have noticed that we've been struggling to keep up to date with our daily photos. Plenty has been happening on our side to keep us busy and otherwise occupied. Sometimes I wish that I'd known the consequence of calling this website Cape Town Daily Photo. :) At other times, I'm really glad that this site has a photo for each day of our lives. It's awesome being able to page back through your life a day at a time. To date we have about the last two-and-a-half years represented, with a single photo for each day. It's really awesome; you should try it!

Okay, so I'm now catching up, and this photo leads into my post for tomorrow. So pray do tell, if you're able to guess, where do you suppose this photo was taken? A school hallway? A prison?

8 thoughts on “A long long corridor

  1. Hendrik

    Those wooden boards against the wall is a give away from hospital, it’s now all down to which one.. and knowing that you are based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, I’m going with Tygerberg.. as the newer hospitals tend to have plastic boards on the walls…

  2. Paul

    Post author

    You guys are far too clever. You’re all correct, it is indeed a hospital, and yes, it is a public/government hospital. Hendrik and Nita, it’s not Tygerberg Hospital though. :) I’ll post the next photo in a short while.

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