Summer is approaching

Summer is approaching

Even though our gardens are still enjoying rainy days, the smell of summer is already in the air. Well, at least in my nostrils it is. Spring has already arrived - trees and shrubs are sprouting leaves, flowers are blossoming and the air is slightly warmer than it was a month ago.

Summer in Cape Town is fantastic, with the only really bad part being that locals find themselves busy at work, many of them indoors, hidden away from the beauty of summer. The things that make it bearable for them (us :) ) are holidays, and the fact that summer days last until after the working day, with the sun setting after 8pm. Even when it's dark the warmth of the day lasts late into the night.

You can tell I can't wait, can't you?

3 thoughts on “Summer is approaching

  1. mjw

    That’s a fantastic photo and yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful day that almost felt like summer again.

    I think you summed up how I felt about last week very well – I, too, happily noticed the spring sprouting here and there.

    And as for summer – I also can’t wait!

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