A view from outside the room

Wooden beach-house

The first photo in this series was taken from the upstairs window on the right, and the second photo was taken from the doors on the left. I found myself wishing that I could pick the entire house up, put it on the back of a (very large) truck, and transport it to our suburb. I quickly realised, of course, that a huge part of the charm of this house lies in its environment - particularly the ocean views you caught a glimpse of in the previous two posts.

And tomorrow you'll get to see exactly where all these pretty photos were taken - if you haven't already guessed. ;-)

4 thoughts on “A view from outside the room

  1. Arthur

    Hi Kerry-Anne

    My guess would be Simonstown. My wife’s aunt and uncle own a wonderful guesthouse there and the views are spectaculr.

    I’ll be watching to see if my guess is correct!


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