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Cape Town City Hall

A Cape Town City Hall vantage point
Ten points to the first person to guess exactly where I was when shooting this photo. Photographers, it an interesting vantage point - that's actually not very difficult to find and offers a few interesting perspectives on the city.

Mini road trip through Malmesbury

Mini road road trip
Returning from our little road trip to Riebeek Kasteel we headed towards the well-known farming town of Malmesbury (map).

In case you're planning a trip, perhaps it's worth noting that Malmesbury isn't really a town to visit on an outing - in my opinion. The town itself isn't very pretty and rather the kind of town that one passes though when heading up the West Coast, or when going to places like Riebeek West, or Ceres.

Please, I'm looking for someone to disagree with me - so if you're keen on Malmesbury, please do leave a comment to say why you love it. I'm just being honest when I say that although the countryside is extremely beautiful, I've never found the town very pleasant at all.

Like Table Mountain

Like Table Mountain
I took this photo from a farm just outside of Stellenbosch while having lunch with family. Perhaps it's just the cloud-cover, but doesn't this range of mountains remind you (even just a little) of Table Mountain?

Train with a sea view

Train with a sea view
The metro train route that leads from Cape Town Station to Muizenberg and along the coast to Simon's Town is the most popular tourist train route in Cape Town. Well... I guess that's because none of the other routes are frequented by tourists - probably because none of the other have such beautiful views!

The train itself is crummy inside - nothing much to behold, and it's a little dirty inside and (as you can see) especially so on the outside!

On the plus side, locals and visitors are able to buy a special tourist ticket that costs around R20. The specific ticket is a day pass that allows for traveler to hop on and hop off at any station along the route from Cape Town to Simon's Town. Isn't that awesome!?

Clifton 4th Beach

Clifton 4th Beach
Thanks for your comments on my previous photo Deems, Nicola and Dawn. You're all correct - the beach is one of Clifton's 4 beaches and Dawn was 100% right in naming it as Clifton 4th - my favourite.

There was no wind to speak of; the air was cool, but the sun was warm. Bobbing around on a boat just of the beach was an amazing feeling. Even though we weren't on a luxury yacht, I guess that's the best way to describe the feeling. Imagine yourself in this very spot on the deck of a luxury yacht, enjoying the sun, drinking cocktails and snacking on delightful treats. Grand hey?

This was such great fun - and if you're okay with being out on a boat, I'd suggest this to be of the things you have to do when visiting Cape Town. It was simply beautiful.

Remember to take motion sickness tablets before jumping on board. As a particular colleague of mine discovered , feeling ill on the water really does ruin the experience.

Guess which beach

Port hole
As a reward for working exceptionally hard this year my colleagues (from my day-job) and I were recently treated to a boat trip. I obviously took the opportunity to snap a few photos for your viewing pleasure. :)

The beach in this photo is a little more tricky than normal to identify because the hole in the hull obscures a lot from view. This said, I'm sure if you've spent some time in Cape Town that it would be unmistakable. Can you identify which it is?

A beautiful view

If you saw yesterday's photo then you'll no doubt have realised that this photo was taken from the same location. From here the beaches of Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno stretch into the distance from this vantage point.

During summer months the roads in this area get choked with traffic and available parking spots become about as scarce as hen's teeth. I've often considered how awesome it would be to live here, but then when I get stuck in single-lane stop-start traffic on sweltering hot days - I'm not too sad that I live where the roads are wide and congestion is at a minimum.

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Winter on the beach

Camps Bay Beach
It was a beautiful day, but I assume that from the look of the beach you'd guess that it's still winter in Cape Town. Although we have the occasional warm day, the air is generally still pretty cool and you certainly won't find beaches packed with people.

I can't say that the lack of winter rain hasn't started to concern us because either we're going to have torrential downpours (and possibly even some flooding) in the next couple of months or we're going to have an exceptionally dry summer... neither of which is a particularly great prospect to look forward to!

Surrounded by mountains

The mountains of Stellenbosch
I mentioned in my previous post about the gorgeous view that one has from Stellenbosch Lodge Country Hotel's Blaauwklippen conference room. Well, this would be it. And, as I said, can you imagine the view during summer when the vineyards are green and laden with huge juicy grapes? :) It must be absolutely beautiful!

Fields, farms, and fountains

Fields and Mountains
Okay, you're right, there aren't any fountains in this photo - only a beautiful array of mountains - but you have to agree that "Fields, farms and mountains" just doesn't have the same ring!

We drove out into the Stellenbosch farm areas in search of a place to enjoy a mid-afternoon snack. I however to say that I'm astonished as to how few farms Ithat are open the rest of the week) either close early on a Sunday, or aren't open at all. We ended up driving through to Delvera (on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Paarl) where we were too late for real food and had to settle for tea and scones!

Could it be that the farmers union insists on Sunday afternoon downtime? :)

The big wheel of Cape Town

The big wheel of Cape Town
I posted a photo of the Wheel of Excellence a little while ago, but feel that I should post this one just to show the beauty that surrounds her roundness. Isn't it just awesome to have a mountain be the backdrop of a city? I feel like the residents of Cape Town are such a lucky bunch - and I wonder some times if they even realise it.

Read a little more about the wheel, it's cost, and when she'll be on her way in my previous article on the topic.

Lion’s Head and sunset vs The Killers gridlock

Lion's Head
While most of Cape Town's inhabitants experienced a perfect Cape Town sunset - many sipping drinks at the beach - Kerry-Anne, myself and another 20,000 fans of The Killers spent 3 or more hours in traffic, trying to reach the Val de Vie estate in Paarl.

We arrived at the venue just as the sun was setting, and I have to say that the frustration of three hours spent in stop-start traffic quickly faded as we watched the sun set over the mountains to the music of supporting band, Zebra and Giraffe. The Killers were spectacular; the show was better than either Kerry-Anne or I had expected... in fact, it was outrageously good!

Unfortunately, the heavily packed parking area, the 2km single-lane exit road, and the crowd of 20,000 people trying to leave at the same time meant that some of our friends only arrived home at 04h30 in the morning, after spending hours just waiting in the parking lot for traffic to clear! We were the lucky ones - because of where we were parked (fairly close to the exit), we weren't stuck in the traffic for quite as long as that. We arrived home after only two and a half hours, at 1am.

Luckily for Cape Town it seems as though Big Concerts, the organisers of this event, won't be handling the arrangements for the 2010 World Cup football! :D

A view from outside the room

Wooden beach-house

The first photo in this series was taken from the upstairs window on the right, and the second photo was taken from the doors on the left. I found myself wishing that I could pick the entire house up, put it on the back of a (very large) truck, and transport it to our suburb. I quickly realised, of course, that a huge part of the charm of this house lies in its environment - particularly the ocean views you caught a glimpse of in the previous two posts.

And tomorrow you'll get to see exactly where all these pretty photos were taken - if you haven't already guessed. ;-)

Just another gorgeous day in Cape Town

Devil's Peak
We Capetonians are under no illusions regarding this terrible burden we bear. Whenever we have days like this, we gripe quietly to one another about how terrible it is to live in this city, and what a tough job we have keeping this place going

Of course, we realise that someone has to do it. And since we're such good souls, we take this task upon ourselves without complaint, and make the best of it.

Yup, we do what we have to do... which, in summer, mostly involves watching stunning sunsets at the beach, drinking cocktails, spending the afternoon in the pool, braaiing with friends and walking on the mountain. *sigh* It's a tough life.