Lion’s Head and sunset vs The Killers gridlock

Lion's Head
While most of Cape Town's inhabitants experienced a perfect Cape Town sunset - many sipping drinks at the beach - Kerry-Anne, myself and another 20,000 fans of The Killers spent 3 or more hours in traffic, trying to reach the Val de Vie estate in Paarl.

We arrived at the venue just as the sun was setting, and I have to say that the frustration of three hours spent in stop-start traffic quickly faded as we watched the sun set over the mountains to the music of supporting band, Zebra and Giraffe. The Killers were spectacular; the show was better than either Kerry-Anne or I had expected... in fact, it was outrageously good!

Unfortunately, the heavily packed parking area, the 2km single-lane exit road, and the crowd of 20,000 people trying to leave at the same time meant that some of our friends only arrived home at 04h30 in the morning, after spending hours just waiting in the parking lot for traffic to clear! We were the lucky ones - because of where we were parked (fairly close to the exit), we weren't stuck in the traffic for quite as long as that. We arrived home after only two and a half hours, at 1am.

Luckily for Cape Town it seems as though Big Concerts, the organisers of this event, won't be handling the arrangements for the 2010 World Cup football! :D

4 thoughts on “Lion’s Head and sunset vs The Killers gridlock

  1. Kathy S

    I am pleased you had a good time and love today’s post of Lion’s Head with the contrast of mountain and sky and the trees in silhouette – beautiful, restful and calming, just what the end of the day should be. Thank you from a damp UK

  2. Paul

    Post author

    FromJoanne, yeah – I hear you. We went to My Coke Fest earlier in the year – on a wine farm – and it was fine. We drove in with no queue ahead. The difference was that it started at 12pm, with gates opening earlier in the morning, so people arrived in dribs and drabs before the headline artists (who played in the evening only). Also, Oasis closed after Snow Patrol, and they were so bad live that we left early (with many others) and escaped the crazy rush home. IMO the The Killers concert should have started way earlier with more local bands, and ended with another good local band with a good following… thereby staggering the crowds. #my5c

    KathyS, thanks for that. I’m glad that you noticed the trees on the hill. I was wondering if someone would see them. They’re far more apparent if you click to photo to see the large version. I’d send “warm wishes” to the UK, but those polar ice caps are concerning me just a little. ;)

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