The Wheel of Excellence

The Wheel of Excellence
By now almost everyone in Cape Town, and many abroad, must have seen the Wheel of Excellence that has been erected at the entrance to the V&A Waterfront. If you were in Paris over Christmas last year you may also recognise this wheel as being the same as the one that you saw there.

The Wheel of Excellence is owned by a Dutch company, Wheels of Excellence. This particular model stands about 50m high and has sealed air-conditioned cabins with one VIP cabin that has a glass floor, telephone and LCD television. Yes, a telephone and television! While the glass floor may be cool, I'm not sure that I'd find a television or telephone very useful...

If you haven't yet taken a ride in the wheel, don't worry, you have until the end of the year to do so before the she moves on to her next home. :)

19 thoughts on “The Wheel of Excellence

  1. Paul

    Post author

    But it would give you just one more reason to miss Cape Town, now wouldn’t it Jonathan? How long will you be away for?

  2. Ac

    Very nice, we are planning to try and ride on it before the world cup ends. Looking forward to it. Paul did you go on it?

  3. frederic

    puisse cette roue demontrer que l’afrique dispose de certaines infrastuctures qui n’ont rien a envier a l’europe ou a l’amerique.
    j’espere qu’avec cette coupe du monde le regard que l’on porte sur l’afrique changera a jamais.

  4. Bev

    I wish it would stay there just a little longer after the end of the year as I would have so loved to have had a ride on it..

    I’ve been on the London Eye about 5 times now and just love it the views are great as I’m sure they are from this wheel…

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Ac, not yet – but we will! You have some great photos on your site btw. The zebra one is awesome, and the one of the birds nests in Calitzdorp great too. And, the blurry one – I love the feeling of motion and emotion that it conveys!

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Merci pour que Frédéric – toute l’organisation de la Coupe du Monde est allé si bien que je suis en espérant que cela a changé les perceptions au sujet de l’Afrique du Sud. Avez-vous été ici à tous les cours de cette période? Nous avons vu beaucoup de visiteurs français à Cape Town (en supposant que vous êtes français).

    Thanks for that Frederic – the whole organisation of the World Cup has gone so well that I’m hoping that it has changed perceptions about South Africa. Have you been here at all over this time? We’ve seen plenty of French visitors in Cape Town (assuming that you are French).

  7. Cristina

    wowoooo… it will last for 6 months and I’m sure I will go on it up and down many times. How much for a ride???

  8. Paul

    Post author

    Cristina, it looks like it’s R70 per person and appears as though each cabin can take 8 people… hardly romantic hey. ;)

  9. AC

    Hi guys, the wheel is R80, and even if you are 2 you get your own cabin. It goes around 6 times. A friend went last night. Going to try and do it over the weekend.

    Thanks Paul for the compliment. My blog still in its baby shoes, but will keep on plugging away at it. Got so many cool shots, I need to show it somewhere :)

  10. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for the info AC. It’s weird, I checked a couple of sites that listed it as R70 – that said, I’d trust your friend before those many websites! Inflation must be rife! ;)

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