We must take a boat ride!

Waterfront boats
It's a shame that us Capetonians leave the pleasures of boat rides into Table Bay to those visiting our city. We should really take time from our day-to-day lives to enjoy these pleasures that tourists more often get to enjoy.

I think we'll soon have to take a clear winter-morning trip out into the bay and then, perhaps in February next year, enjoy a warm sunset trip over to Clifton 4th beach. Take another look at the photo - doesn't that just sound perfect?

2 thoughts on “We must take a boat ride!

  1. Bev

    Oooh there’s the Table Bay Hotel stayed there on our first and second visit to Cape Town…

    Paul it’s always looks and sounds so wonderful to go and do an early morning or evening trip out of the Bay but that’s as far as it goes for us as neither of us can travel even a short distance on the sea without feeling unwell…

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