The big wheel of Cape Town

The big wheel of Cape Town
I posted a photo of the Wheel of Excellence a little while ago, but feel that I should post this one just to show the beauty that surrounds her roundness. Isn't it just awesome to have a mountain be the backdrop of a city? I feel like the residents of Cape Town are such a lucky bunch - and I wonder some times if they even realise it.

Read a little more about the wheel, it's cost, and when she'll be on her way in my previous article on the topic.

4 thoughts on “The big wheel of Cape Town

  1. Bev

    Thanks for posting this photo Paul as we can now really see where the wheel is positioned.

    Yes you folk of Cape Town really are so lucky to have such a beautiful backdrop to your city, it is very special and we never get tired of seeing photo’s of the city with the mountain in the background – it keeps bringing us back (& to see our friends of course:) )

  2. Cristina

    I know how lucky I am!!! I’m back in Town and I am so please with the sun, the ocean, the mountain. This morning I’v drove passed by the big wheel. Next time I’ll stop and try it. Really happy to be back!!!!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Bev, it’s a pleasure, and yes, of course it’s useful where friends abroad are concerned. :)

    Cristna, yay! You’re back! And, we’re having such great weather – I’m sure you’re pleased!

    Mom, thanks – glad that you like it. :)

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