The Cape Grace

The Cape Grace
I've no idea whether or not rooms at The Cape Grace Hotel warrant their "exclusive" price tag - but I've always held the hotel in high regard simply (and perhaps stupidly) because of it's name. "The Cape Grace" leaves me with the impression that the inside the hotel is full of luxurious elegance. It makes me think of a beautiful and elegant lady walking along one of the piers at the Waterfront.

Anyway, enough of that - have you stayed at The Cape Grace? If so, what did you think of it? Did it suck? Was it more than you expected it to be?

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  1. mjw

    I’ve been inside very briefly for the start of a press function but I can’t say that I remember much about it (one of those stressful, whirlwind days), though it did give off that “expensive d├ęcor” vibe.

    And, of course, Bascule is right around the corner at the back of the hotel. If its cellar and the bathrooms are anything to go by I imagine the rest of the hotel must be fantastic.

  2. AC

    They drive their guests around in BMW 750’s. Awesome vehicle.

    I bought a World Cup ticket from one of the drivers who got it as a tip from a guest. And nogal a semi final ticket !!!

  3. Fiona

    Well yes it is all it is said to be. I had the pleasure of staying there for nearly 1 month when I moved to CT. The big thing is privacy and security.
    The company I was with is American and paranoid so when they visited they occupied a whole section of the hotel with security staff and all. While I was there I was alone from the company but was treated like royalty. After awhile though it does get to feel like any other hotel.

  4. Howard

    Yes I stayed at the Cape Grace 6 years ago on my first holiday in South Africa. I am from the UK and am used to staying e good hotels Worldwide. We stayed in ULUSABA in the Kruger Park (Richard Branson’s Private Game Reserve). It was very expensive but very good and very and very personal and catered all needs. (Free booze meant real booze not local crap. Champagne meant Champagne and not fizzt wine). Our stay in a Suite at The Cape Grace was good but as we now live here we know far way too over priced. In First World countries it is good and well priced here however in our opinion it is taking the piss. The next time we came we stayed in a so called “Boutique Hotel – Kensington Place” which was a quarter of the price and absolutely suberb.
    Nothing wrong with Cape Grace other than the redicoulous price for the country it is in. Dinner(tried twice when Bruce R was the chef), Breakfast and bars were good but once again far too overpriced. I must admit I steer visitors away from it and some of it’s equally over priced competitors.

  5. Paul

    Post author

    mjw, we’d intended to visit Bascule once, but never got around to it… right now I can’t remember why. :-/ What you describe is exactly the picture I have though. :)

    AC, That sure was a good tip! Lucky for you. ;)

    Fiona, a whole month at the V&A must have been awesome. Didn’t you find that you got very tired of eating out? I can take about a week max before I need *real* food.

    Howard, thanks for the feedback! I suppose though that as long as they’re making good money they’re able to keep it more exclusive by keeping the price high. I suspect that for a fair number of people price isn’t the issue.

    Kensington Place looks great though! It’s not exactly cheap… but certainly better priced than the Cape Grace. :)

  6. Bev

    Paul we’ve been in there a few times but never stayed as you know we always preferred the Table Bay and of course now it’s the comfort of an apartment…

    It is a lovely Hotel, full of the good traditions and service which is a shame a few other Hotels don’t take on board.

    Howard – We’ve have ourselves stayed at some of the best Hotel through out parts of the World but I must say the welcome & service received in Cape Town is special, genuine and very refreshing to experience in this day and age!!

  7. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Bev, that’s such a glowing review! I’m going to make an effort to breach the doors and see what awaits inside. Perhaps we’ll try their breakfast… I suspect the morning is a good time to visit.

    Thanks everyone for your useful comments!

  8. Capetown

    Hey Paul I covered the tour of a high profile indian family who stayed there a two years ago. I spent almost a week there everyday waiting for the family to get ready and the tour finished off with a private party at Bascule. In all my time there I can say that the Cape Grace is top notch, the staff friendly and helpful and the decor is awesome. If you want cheaper the Formula 1 hotel is around the corner ;-)

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