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Pastel blue buildings

Pastel blue buildings
I took this photo on a recent trip to Riebeek Kasteel (map)- which is about 90 kilometers (or a little under 1 and a half hours) from Cape Town.

This building reminded me of the first house that Kerry-Anne and I owned. She convinced me that we should paint the exterior pastel blue. Being easily swayed by female charms I agreed to this... instantly regretting the choice after the first wall had been painted.

We moved a couple of years ago and painted the exterior of the new house last year. This time we chose a non-pastel, neutral, earthy colour. However, our painter made a mistake (actually, I think he pulled a fast one on us) and painted the house a light brown colour that has a slight pink hue. :(

Yellow fields and blue skies

Yellow fields and blue skies
We took a drive out to Riebeek Kasteel - a little town in the Riebeek Valley recently. If you've been out into the Cape countryside, I'm sure you'll believe me when I say that the view in real life is so much prettier than what this photo portrays!

In case you're wondering, the white nets that you see in photo cover the grape vines. I assume that they're used to protect the ripening grapes from the harshness of the sun. It's curious to me though that only this patch is covered - do you think it could be because this particular patch is used to provide grapes for late-harvest wines?

Winter at the beach

Winter at the beach
We often have beautiful clear weather in winter days, and were it not that on these days the air temperature remained at or below 20°C you'd most likely find this beach cluttered with people.

We do so miss the sun in winter. Even though we have plenty of sunny days, there are still far too many dull and grey days for my liking. Perhaps when I'm rich one day I'll follow summer around the world. Good plan, don't you think? :)

A beautiful view

If you saw yesterday's photo then you'll no doubt have realised that this photo was taken from the same location. From here the beaches of Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno stretch into the distance from this vantage point.

During summer months the roads in this area get choked with traffic and available parking spots become about as scarce as hen's teeth. I've often considered how awesome it would be to live here, but then when I get stuck in single-lane stop-start traffic on sweltering hot days - I'm not too sad that I live where the roads are wide and congestion is at a minimum.

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Loveless Uruguay

A Uruguaian supporter
Uruguay must have received very little love from South Africa during the World Cup after what many deemed to be extremely dubious football tactics and practices. Fortunately these things blow over fast and South African's in general don't hold grudges for very long at all. By the end of the World Cup we'd forgiven them and moved on to celebrating The Beautiful Game.

Don't you just love that people are so passionate about their team that they're prepared to go to all the effort of painting their faces like this? This guy was just one of many that went that extra mile. :)

The big wheel of Cape Town

The big wheel of Cape Town
I posted a photo of the Wheel of Excellence a little while ago, but feel that I should post this one just to show the beauty that surrounds her roundness. Isn't it just awesome to have a mountain be the backdrop of a city? I feel like the residents of Cape Town are such a lucky bunch - and I wonder some times if they even realise it.

Read a little more about the wheel, it's cost, and when she'll be on her way in my previous article on the topic.