Blue skies and purple flowers

Blue skies and purple flowers
I'm sure if you've been to Cape Town before that you recognise Camps Bay beach and the Twelve Apostles mountain range in the background of this photo. This, dear friends, is the Cape Town we live for. Blue skies, towering mountains, still air, clear water, and of course, the beauty of nature.

Chris and I agreed, in the comments of a previous post, that Cape Town is fantastic at this time of the year. I *hate* leaving for work in the dark and leaving the office at dusk in the winter months. These days I wake up to a brightly-lit room - and and atmosphere that shouts "get up, get out!". Cape Town's winters can be pretty - but OMW there's no beating summer!

7 thoughts on “Blue skies and purple flowers

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  2. Edwin Scofield

    I was in Cape Town years ago and miles out of Cape Town we saw fields of purple flowers that covered the scenery. We think this is the flower. Can you tell me the name of it and can you buy them from a florist. Edwin

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Edwin,

    I’m not sure what these flowers are – or if they’re the same as the ones that you saw in the fields. I think the fields that you’re talking about look something like the one in this photo.

    Kerry-Anne thought that someone had said that they’re purple canola, but we’re actually unsure.

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