Another beautiful winter’s day

Taking a walk
Even though it's winter, we've been having pretty good weather. Although, I guess you noticed from the photo that even though the sun is shining in our African city, the air is cool enough to warrant at least a light coat.

I've been wondering whether or not, due to the great winter weather, we'll be having water shortages during the summer months. Perhaps it would be prudent of us to start working on a slightly more water-wise gardens.

4 thoughts on “Another beautiful winter’s day

  1. Bev

    It’s good to see Kerry-Ann and how strange to see you guys in winter gear!!

    We’ve been watching the weather and temps. and thinking how good it has been for you but somehow can’t relate to it been cold when it’s looking so sunny & bright..

  2. Paul

    Post author

    AC, sorry for the late reply. On the page that you linked to – are all four measures in million cubic meters? If so, I don’t understand the total at the bottom of the page. Can you elaborate?

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