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Field of flowering oxalis

Field of flowering oxalis
According to Wikipedia, Oxalis occur worldwide (except in the polar regions) but have the greatest diversity of species in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. I'd never realised previously, but many of the flowers that I'm use to seeing in fields in winter and spring are of the oxalis genus in the oxalidaceae family.

Irrespective of what they're named, and how diverse they are, don't you think they're pretty? Fields, meadows and forests, just wouldn't be the same without them.

Farmlands and wine-country

Wheat and dairy farms are fine, but there's something special about wine farms. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that wheat and dairy are essential foods whereas wine is a luxury - an indulgence. Walking among the vineyards of a wine farm brings a sense of style, sophistication and an appreciation for the finer extravagances in life that in many ways makes us human.

Of course, the alternative is that it's too late at night and I've started rambling nonsensical nonsense! You be the judge. :)

Sunset horse

Sunset horse
Whereas one would normally take photos with your back to the sun, I've developed a bit of a fetish for taking photos directly into the sun. The subject of this photo was locked up in the fenced-off area that you see in the background and seemed particularly happy for me to come down from where Kerry-Anne and I were sitting to take his photo.

While I did pat him on the head a little and rub the bridge of his nose, I can't say that I wasn't nervous that he'd have a snap at my fingers. I mean, can you see the mad look in his eye!? I never knew that they could be so, but this friendly horsie seemed just a little loony.

Fields, farms, and fountains

Fields and Mountains
Okay, you're right, there aren't any fountains in this photo - only a beautiful array of mountains - but you have to agree that "Fields, farms and mountains" just doesn't have the same ring!

We drove out into the Stellenbosch farm areas in search of a place to enjoy a mid-afternoon snack. I however to say that I'm astonished as to how few farms Ithat are open the rest of the week) either close early on a Sunday, or aren't open at all. We ended up driving through to Delvera (on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Paarl) where we were too late for real food and had to settle for tea and scones!

Could it be that the farmers union insists on Sunday afternoon downtime? :)

A horse, a field, and a dog

A not-so-big brown horse
We stumbled upon a herd of horses in a field - somewhere out the back of Durbanville. I unfortunately have no clue where, since at the time I wasn't quite sure of where I was! :)

I don't know much about horses, but what I learned is that they must be *really* shy animals, and certainly not too keen on having their photo taken. As soon as I approached with my camera they backed off - far away from the fence.

ps. Oh, about the dog... there was no dog, but "A horse and a field" seemed like a rather dull title for this photo. ;)

Meandering pathways

Meandering pathways
Pathways like this one aren't predetermined by a "field pathway engineer" - they develop organically as people make their way from one point to another. Normally it's pretty clear that the pathway leads to some common gateway or meeting place.

What is interesting is that while one may expect the pathway to be straight they tend to meander to their destination. Perhaps I'd understand this if the same person walked the route each day, but this path was made by a variety of people. What made them all meander in this particular pattern? It's not like there are hills or other obstacles in the way.

Is it only me, or is this kinda crop-circle-strange?