Meandering pathways

Meandering pathways
Pathways like this one aren't predetermined by a "field pathway engineer" - they develop organically as people make their way from one point to another. Normally it's pretty clear that the pathway leads to some common gateway or meeting place.

What is interesting is that while one may expect the pathway to be straight they tend to meander to their destination. Perhaps I'd understand this if the same person walked the route each day, but this path was made by a variety of people. What made them all meander in this particular pattern? It's not like there are hills or other obstacles in the way.

Is it only me, or is this kinda crop-circle-strange?

7 thoughts on “Meandering pathways

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Come now Emm… don’t be so jealous. Do notice that the people in the photo are wearing long tops – it’s not that warm. :)

  2. Kathy S

    Hi SA, nice sunny Sunday morning in Surrey. I wondered if there is a nice view off to the left and while your eye appreciates it your feet get drawn towards it before you have to get back on track – just a day-dream…

  3. Nixgrim

    I know exactly where this is – I was there last week – and your photo of this area is SOOOO much better than mine. Jealous now. Mind if I steal your photo for my photo album? ;-D

  4. Paul

    Post author

    KathyS, there is an array of beautiful mountains to the left. :)

    Nixgrim, thanks I appreciate that. I struggle with landscape shots. No problem, of course you can use the photo – I won’t tell an-ne-one. :) Watch this space, I’m setting up a shop front for my photos this long weekend.

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Oh wow, thanks for the link Warrenski. I wasn’t aware that these paths had a name. That’s quite clever of the planners in Finland hey! It’s one sure way to get folk use the official walkway. :)

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