It’s a hair salon, not a barber

Vivacious Hair

I have the impression (right or wrong) that guys in many other countries visit "the barber" to get their hair cut, beard trimmed, and nose-hairs snipped (*eeuw*).

For a few reasons, I've never visited a "barber". The one is that the thought of having a stranger who's a guy so in my personal space is a little weird, and the other is that there are very few men-only salons around these days. Apart from these reasons, given the option of a guy tending to your needs versus a beautiful woman... erm, don't you think the latter wins hands-down?

Kerry-Anne and I have our hair snipped and trimmed by Mariechen-scissorhands, the owner of Vivacious Hair in the Willowbridge shopping mall. What's cool about Mariechen is that she's down-to-earth, unpretentious, and snappy with the scissors. :)

3 thoughts on “It’s a hair salon, not a barber

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Lols, I hear you Kris. I’m not sure about Oz, but I wouldn’t expect to pay much less than R95 (14 AUD) at a barber, and in the context of “…versus a beautiful woman” I can’t say that “quick” is that important. ;)

  2. Beverley

    I have a DH who most certainly would not go to a barbers’ for a hair cut when he can have a very attractive young lady at my hairdressers wash a cut his hair :)

    By the way I’m looking for a ‘good hairdressers’ for when we’re out in CT as we’ll need one sometime during the 2 months stay!!

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