A horse, a field, and a dog

A not-so-big brown horse
We stumbled upon a herd of horses in a field - somewhere out the back of Durbanville. I unfortunately have no clue where, since at the time I wasn't quite sure of where I was! :)

I don't know much about horses, but what I learned is that they must be *really* shy animals, and certainly not too keen on having their photo taken. As soon as I approached with my camera they backed off - far away from the fence.

ps. Oh, about the dog... there was no dog, but "A horse and a field" seemed like a rather dull title for this photo. ;)

3 thoughts on “A horse, a field, and a dog

  1. Guinivea

    I agree with you – A horse, a field and a dog sounds better than A horse and a field ;-)

    Robin and I often drive around the outskirts of Durbanville, especially on a cold winters day. It is beautiful!

    Awesome photo too…I find horses to be so relaxing just by watching them as I am too scared to ride one, I have ridden a donkey though – if that counts :)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Guinivea, heh, I’m glad that you like the dog part. :D
    Dude, you’ve ridden a donkey? I’m sure a horse will be a breeze in comparison. ;)

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