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Clouds and the City Bowl

Clouds and the City Bowl
I took this photo from Signal Hill Road that winds along the side of Lion's Head to the parking area on Signal Hill.

The area straight ahead and to the right in this photo (on the slopes of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak) are the residential areas of Vredehoek, Gardends, and Oranjezicht. While they're beautifully located, with exquisit views of the city and mountians, those specific residential areas are known to be extremely (like as in very very extremely) windy.

I wouldn't mind living there for a couple of months, but I'm not sure that I'd enjoy settling down there.

Table Mountain and the city bowl

Table Mountain and the city bowl
As the day wears on, the shadow of our mountain slowly creeps forward to remind those who live in the city bowl that the day is at its end. One of the down sides (perhaps the only down side) of living near Table Mountain is that sunny days are cut short far sooner than one would expect - which is arguably a good thing on the few stifling-hot days we have in the beginning of the year.

Devil’s Peak from Obs

Devil's Peak from Obs
I took this pic of Devil's Peak from a street in one of Observatory's business areas. An interesting factoid about Devil's Peak (which I'm sure I've mentioned before) is that at exactly 1000 meters high, it's only 87 meters shy of Table Mountain's 1087 meters!

Devil’s Peak

Devil's Peak
That blurry mountain in the background is actually Devil's Peak. The popular belief about the origin of the peak's name revolves around a tale of a guy (Jan van Hunks) who entered a smoking competition with the Devil.

There's however another belief that suggests that original name was Duifespiek (a Dutch word meaning "Dove's Peak") and that since it sounds very similar to the Dutch word Duiwelspiek ("Devil's Peak") over time people confused the original name with the latter, leading to the English naming it Devil's Peak.

Table Mountain trip : Devil’s Peak (9#10)

Devil's Peak
In case you missed it, see the previous post in this series.

When viewing Table Mountain from it's post-card perspective, Devil's Peak (the subject of today's photo) is the tall pointy mountain located on the left side of Table Mountain. Based on this photo, you may be surprised to find out that even though it doesn't look that way, at 1000m above sea level, Devil's Peak is a mere 87 meters shorter than Table Mountain!

Just like Table Mountain, one is able to hike to the top of Devil's Peak. However, apparently it's only really safe to hike up the peak from it's western front - from the saddle between it and Table Mountain... and then only by experienced hikers, not casual walkers. :)

Just another gorgeous day in Cape Town

Devil's Peak
We Capetonians are under no illusions regarding this terrible burden we bear. Whenever we have days like this, we gripe quietly to one another about how terrible it is to live in this city, and what a tough job we have keeping this place going

Of course, we realise that someone has to do it. And since we're such good souls, we take this task upon ourselves without complaint, and make the best of it.

Yup, we do what we have to do... which, in summer, mostly involves watching stunning sunsets at the beach, drinking cocktails, spending the afternoon in the pool, braaiing with friends and walking on the mountain. *sigh* It's a tough life.