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Café Manhattan at the Cape Quarter

Café Manhattan at the Cape Quarter
Café Manhattan in De Waterkant looks less than New York, and more like some place in Texas, don't you think? That notwithstanding, this bar/restaurant is one of the gems in the Green Point. It's not just the food that's good, the vibe, staff and patrons have made this one of our go-to places if we're looking for lunch in Green Point.

The bar area gets a little rowdy in the evenings, so I wouldn't say it's family friendly. If you're looking for a slightly quieter place to hang out with a friend or four, take a seat in their lounge area - it's tucked away, near the kitchen, up a small flight of stairs.

Abantu shots R5

Abantu shots R5
At first I thought Abantu was perhaps a type of alcoholic spirit that could be served as a shot - but really, "Abantu" means "People" in Zulu (and Xhosa, I think). I googled "Abantu Long Street" and found that it's actually a 5-Rand-shooter (that's a two shooters for a dollar) club or bar in Long Street. But, there's not much info on the Web about them - and I can't say I feel particularly enticed to visit.

Smoothies ‘n juices

Smoothies 'n juices
I took this photo outside a little juice and health bar at the top end of Long Street called Orchard on Long. I never ventured inside, but all the fresh fruit on display sure did look colourful, and beautiful beautifully so. We'll make a point to stop in next time - but probably not for the wheatgrass shots like the guy below... that's just way too hipster. ;)

Release the Kraken!

Release the Kraken!
Who's stroke of genius was it to re-appropriate Zeus's words in their marketing campaign?

To be honest, The Kraken's a pretty clever name for a brand of rum - given that it's the name of a legendary sea monster, and that it's popular knowledge that ye olde sailors used to spend many hours drinking rum on their long ocean voyages (assumedly telling tales of that legendary sea monster).

I took this photo outside of Desparados bar, in Observatory.

Flowers at The Piano Bar

Flowers at The Piano Bar
I found this pot of flowers outside The Piano Bar in De Waterkant. I'd actually never heard of The Piano Bar, so I poked my head inside. They weren't open yet (they open at about 4pm only) but it looked like it would be a cosy winter hangout. I think we shall pay them a visit.

A view from Sky Bar at Cape Royale Hotel

Sea Point from the Cape Royale Hotel
On this beautiful clear-sky wind-free evening Kerry-Anne and I were fortunate to be treated for drinks while watching the sun set from the open-air Sky Bar on top of Green Point's 5-star Cape Royale Hotel.

Besides for the stylish-yet-unpretentious vibe, what's especially great about Sky Bar is the view. The Cape Royale Hotel is the tallest building in the area, which means that while sipping drinks you're treated to a 360° view of the mountains, ocean, and city. :)

We spent about an hour on the roof-top, enjoying the view, drinking cocktails, and eating oysters. We even managed to squeeze in an impromptu neck and shoulder massage, at Sky Bar, courtesy of the hotel's Equinox Spa (which was, for the record, pretty darn fantastic!).

In a follow-up post I'll share a little more about our dinner at the hotel's in-house Bistro 1800° restaurant, but for now click on the photos below and take a look at the transfixing view of Table Bay and the city from Sky Bar. Pretty awesome, heh?

O’Driscoll’s, and Irish pub

O' Driscoll's, an Irish pub
Sadly I've never visited O'Driscoll's in Cape Town. We almost visited the green building one Saint Patrick's day, but it was (obviously) so popular that there was no way to comfortably squeeze inside, let alone order a drink in any reasonable amount of time.

This is however a matter that we should settle. I resolve to visit O'Driscoll's soon. Even if only for a solitary beer. :)

Jo’burg in Long Street

Jo'burg in Long Street
It's a little ironic for a bar in Cape Town to be called Jo'burg - well, at least I think it's ironic. Anyway, reports have it that Jo'burg is one of the noisier bars at the top of Long Street - very vibey, and filled with a diverse group of young people who are out to party.

I've often seen the bar, but I can't say that I've ever felt the desire to visit. Noisy and cramped bars aren't my scene, you know. Well, that's me, but if you're visiting Cape Town and want to get a feel for the local bar scene, then this may be a place to start.

If you visit this area at night, take care - while the top part of Long Street is reasonably safe, this is a city... so keep an eye out, and avoid weirdos - okay? :)

Julep, a cocktail and tapas bar on Long Street

Julep, a cocktail and tapas bar on Long Street
Have you visited Julep? I've never been, so if you have, then please leave a comment and tell us about it.

From the poster, I guess it's clear that at times the stylish-looking bar (open Wednesday to Saturday, 7pm to 2am) has music orchestrated by various live DJs. So, if you're into that kinda thing, then visit and let me know what it was like, okay? :)

The Purple Turtle in Long Street

The Purple Turtle in Cape Town
The Purple Turtle is the building on the right - naturally. :) The bar was extremely popular about 10 years ago, and while I never actually visited I know plenty of people who were absolute regulars.

While the venue still seems very popular, I can't say that I know anyone who still goes there. I've since read reports on the web of how The Purple Turtle has lost its character, and even of how patrons have started feeling unsafe.

Have you visited The Purple Turtle recently? Do you love it? Hate it? Please leave a comment to tell us why it's awesome - or why it's not so awesome.

MARVEL – it’s a bar, not a comic

MARVEL - it's a  bar, not a comic
I can't help but think of Captain America, Ironman, and The Incredible Hulk when I see this bar. Located at the top of Long Street in Cape Town, Marvel is rumored to have the friendliest staff and most chilled beats in Long Street.

I've never visited Marvel, but I think that I'll make a concerted effort to do so in the not too distant future. :)