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From our De Waterkant apartment

From our De Waterkant apartment
Kerry-Anne booked a weekend away for us in the city center. Our rental there unfortunately fell through at the last minute, so in haste she booked an apartment in De Waterkant - just a little out of the city center.

Even though the apartment block was called Harbour Terrace, believe me, it's no where close to the harbour - and the only view of the waterfront and harbour area is a distant one. I took this photo from our balcony on the first morning of our stay. The air was cool and crisp, and it was actually quite peaceful out on the balcony - after the distant doof-doof sound that emanated from local bars and clubs until the early hours of the morning. ;)

A view from Sky Bar at Cape Royale Hotel

Sea Point from the Cape Royale Hotel
On this beautiful clear-sky wind-free evening Kerry-Anne and I were fortunate to be treated for drinks while watching the sun set from the open-air Sky Bar on top of Green Point's 5-star Cape Royale Hotel.

Besides for the stylish-yet-unpretentious vibe, what's especially great about Sky Bar is the view. The Cape Royale Hotel is the tallest building in the area, which means that while sipping drinks you're treated to a 360° view of the mountains, ocean, and city. :)

We spent about an hour on the roof-top, enjoying the view, drinking cocktails, and eating oysters. We even managed to squeeze in an impromptu neck and shoulder massage, at Sky Bar, courtesy of the hotel's Equinox Spa (which was, for the record, pretty darn fantastic!).

In a follow-up post I'll share a little more about our dinner at the hotel's in-house Bistro 1800° restaurant, but for now click on the photos below and take a look at the transfixing view of Table Bay and the city from Sky Bar. Pretty awesome, heh?

And there we saw Bon Jovi

The Cape Town Stadium
So it's true - I'm somewhat of a Bon Jovi fan. There, I've said it, you may now lay on the ridicule.

Anyway, so yes, Kerry-Anne and I went along to the concert at the Cape Town Stadium, clutching our precious golden circle tickets; and my oh my - it really was a spectacular show. If you enjoy their music at all, even just a little bit, an never made it to the concert, I believe you should now be kicking yourself. :)

Tip: Our experience in the golden circle caused us to renew our resolve that we'll never again buy concert tickets for a performance at the Cape Town Stadium unless they're golden circle tickets. The sound really was incomparable to the mushy sound that we've too many times experienced in the seated area!