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When the Cape Town stadium sucks

Cape Town Stadium
I, and many others, love the Cape Town stadium. It's beautiful design, the sparking white colour, and how it's shape reflects the waves of the ocean make it a beautiful spot on our landscape. The only negative thing about the stadium is that whenever I take photos in this area it always seems to dominate the view in some or other way - which invariably gets me talking about it again and again and again. It's almost like Table Mountain - it practically insists on being in photos.

Have you recently visited Cape Town? Did the stadium manage to make it into your array of photos?

Cape Town Stadium at night

Cape Town Stadium at night
Isn't she pretty? A few years before the stadium was built many people living in this area complained bitterly, wrote petitions and threatened legal action - all to prevent the stadium from being built. They said it would be a blight on the landscape, that it would damage the environment.

To the contrary - Cape Town Stadium turned out to be a remarkable feature sporting a large greenbelt with beautiful lakes.

I took this photo on the night of a double-header between four South African football teams. The teams and the fans are so lucky have the privilege of a world-class stadium.

Us two going to U2

Cape Town Stadium
After last touring South Africa in 1998, the famous U2 will be stopping over in Johannesburg and Cape Town as part of their 360° tour in February 2011 - and this time, we have tickets!

I took this photo of these strange zebra-men at the Cape Town Stadium a while ago (during the Football World Cup), and share it with you today because this, dear friends, is the place where 72,000 fans will arrive to watch the spectacle that U2 is so well known for.

Kerry-Anne and I hate queuing for tickets (it's far too boring!), so we normally take our chances with purchasing from an online ticket booking site, Computicket. I say "take our chances" because South African sites, and I guess this one specifically, are known not to handle well huge volumes of people trying to buy tickets at once, and invariably slow to the pace of a reluctant teenager on a family hike - leading many close to death from pure frustration.

This time around Kerry-Anne paid the $50 registration fee and pre-bought our tickets through U2's website. No mess, no fuss. :D