MARVEL – it’s a bar, not a comic

MARVEL - it's a  bar, not a comic
I can't help but think of Captain America, Ironman, and The Incredible Hulk when I see this bar. Located at the top of Long Street in Cape Town, Marvel is rumored to have the friendliest staff and most chilled beats in Long Street.

I've never visited Marvel, but I think that I'll make a concerted effort to do so in the not too distant future. :)

3 thoughts on “MARVEL – it’s a bar, not a comic

  1. Nadia Riis Christensen

    Marvelbar on long st is The place 2 be! The staff is great and Nice! They have The Best dj there,(Dj Famous)in my opinion! And the guest and atmosphere is to die for!

  2. Claeisah

    i went to Marvel for the fst time and felt welcomed the staff amazing …….the music my lord luv it ..and they hv the bet dj i would luv to go the again ….

  3. twinman

    can you pliz train the doorman with dreadlocks ….doesnt treat customers well,,,,,could not get hold of management the other day

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