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A gateway to Africa’s music

A gateway to Africa's music
If you're looking for real African music - this is the place you need to shop. The African Music Store in Long Street has an impressive collection of African music ranging from reggae and hip hop to Zulu vocal music, Gospel choir and even rock!

Browse their Facebook page for more information, or read a more indepth account of the store here.

Smoothies ‘n juices

Smoothies 'n juices
I took this photo outside a little juice and health bar at the top end of Long Street called Orchard on Long. I never ventured inside, but all the fresh fruit on display sure did look colourful, and beautiful beautifully so. We'll make a point to stop in next time - but probably not for the wheatgrass shots like the guy below... that's just way too hipster. ;)

Jo’burg in Long Street

Jo'burg in Long Street
It's a little ironic for a bar in Cape Town to be called Jo'burg - well, at least I think it's ironic. Anyway, reports have it that Jo'burg is one of the noisier bars at the top of Long Street - very vibey, and filled with a diverse group of young people who are out to party.

I've often seen the bar, but I can't say that I've ever felt the desire to visit. Noisy and cramped bars aren't my scene, you know. Well, that's me, but if you're visiting Cape Town and want to get a feel for the local bar scene, then this may be a place to start.

If you visit this area at night, take care - while the top part of Long Street is reasonably safe, this is a city... so keep an eye out, and avoid weirdos - okay? :)