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Abantu shots R5

Abantu shots R5
At first I thought Abantu was perhaps a type of alcoholic spirit that could be served as a shot - but really, "Abantu" means "People" in Zulu (and Xhosa, I think). I googled "Abantu Long Street" and found that it's actually a 5-Rand-shooter (that's a two shooters for a dollar) club or bar in Long Street. But, there's not much info on the Web about them - and I can't say I feel particularly enticed to visit.

DJs aren’t DJs

DJs aren't DJs
Should we still call guys like this DJs? I can't imagine that they, for the most part, carry a stack of vinyl or plastic CDs around. I'm tempted to call them rhythm engineers, or perhaps composers; but then I'd probably get slapped and told that I'm being silly. :)

I took this photo at Vaudeville, a popular dinner/entertainment club in Cape Town.

Mercury Lounge – a club in Cape Town

Mercury Lounge

This emblem is positioned above the upper bar at Mercury Lounge in Cape Town. We've often driven past Mercury late at night, on our way home, and there have always been people going in and out. I've always wondered what it looked like inside, and what the vibe was like - and at last we got to find out when we were invited to go along and see local band Autopilot performing. More about that in my next post, but for now, let me give you a rundown of Mercury Lounge:

There are two sections, one above the other. The lower section has a bar, some seating, and a tiny dance floor. I didn't spent much time there, but I imagined that they would play beat-driven music - the kind you'd expect to hear at clubs. The upstairs section is way larger. There's a small stage where the live acts perform, two pool tables, a bar, plenty of standing room, and a very limited number of tables and chairs. The drinks are fairly cheap, especially Miller (I think they have some kind of promotional deal with SAB Miller), but on the negative side, their facilities were terrible. Dirty, falling apart, and generally very unpleasant.

Anyway, it's an interesting place to check out, so if you're visiting Cape Town and you plan on hopping from club to club, you may as well make Mercury Lounge (map) one of the places that you stop in at.