French showgirls at Vaudeville

French showgirls at Vaudeville
Guys are such suckers for girls singing French songs. I kept an eye on the appreciative guests while these showgirls performed at Vaudeville. I watched smiles broaden and swear that I could hear hearts beat a little faster as the three ladies descended from the stage to walk among their new fans - click on the last two photos below to see what I mean. :)

Vaudeville and its performing delights

Vaudeville Fez Club

Kerry-Anne's business does some work for Yola, a company that provides an infrastructure allowing you to easily build your own website. Because of this, we were invited along to the company's year-end function at the Vaudeville burlesque supper club.

An evening at Vaudeville involves about 300 people gathering for dinner around a stage in a long, dimly-lit room, while a variety of performers put on a show that some may describe as gaudy and risqué in style. The atmosphere reminded me of Moulin Rouge, the movie, and perhaps Chicago, the musical.

The evening was brilliant and definitely comes highly recommended. The only negative aspect for me was that the food, although perfectly acceptable, wasn't particularly "wow". However, after reading a blog post by Oscar, the chef, I realised that I'd completely missed the extraordinary feat that the kitchen had performed in delivering 300 meals that would satisfy most of the diverse palates in under 20 minutes.

So, if you'd like to enjoy an evening of slightly dark and moderately risqué entertainment, with a reasonable meal - grab a few friends and book a table at Vaudeville.

DJs aren’t DJs

DJs aren't DJs
Should we still call guys like this DJs? I can't imagine that they, for the most part, carry a stack of vinyl or plastic CDs around. I'm tempted to call them rhythm engineers, or perhaps composers; but then I'd probably get slapped and told that I'm being silly. :)

I took this photo at Vaudeville, a popular dinner/entertainment club in Cape Town.

Nay, not Devin, it’s Jon-Peer playing with fire

Devin The Juggler playing with fire
Jon-Peer's mom clearly never told him not to play with fire. I watched JP from FireTribe perform is fire-rope act at Vaudeville, and I have to say that it was entrancing.

Us humans are so enchanted by fire - have you ever stood at a fire and just stared into the flames? That, and wonder, were more or less the feelings that I had while watching the burning ropes flash across the stage.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Jon-Peer's fire act - you shouldn't pass it up. :)

Edit: In case you're wondering, after publishing this post I realised that I had mistaken Jon-Peer for Devin The Juggler. Consequently I've edited this post to correct the information. I've seen Devin's crystal ball act at a corporate function a few months back and it was freegin' phenomenal - visit Devin's website for information and bookings.

The Global Party – a charity event

The Global Party - a charity event
Cape Town hosted one of the 80 international Global Party events - said by the creators to have been inspired by Phileas Fogg (from Around the World in Eighty Days). The stylish event is run around the world over a two day period, and I had the privilege of attending Cape Town's party at Vaudeville's Fez Club.

The Fez is renowned for its performers - so over the next day or two I'll bring you more photos to give you a taste of what happened at the party. For now, check out the couple of photos below!

Entertainers at the J&B Met

Entertainers at the J&B Met

Having entertainers like the long-legged air-walker above, the fire-eating hula-hoop-swinging seductress from Vaudeville, and the strange long-legged poodle-people at events must help people to relax and loosen up. Entertainers like these probably help to transport folk away from the normality of day-to-day living, perhaps allowing adults to be less adult, and adopt a more child-like minds. Well, this is the effect that it has on me, so I can only assume that it would have a similar effect on many others.

Please, if you know where to contact the entertainers in the photos, leave a comment below so that we can make their contact details available and thereby have the pleasure of seeing them at more events. Oh, and I promise, I'm not just trying to get the fire-eating hula-hoop-swinging seductress from Vaudeville's number. ;)