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Entertainers at the J&B Met

Entertainers at the J&B Met

Having entertainers like the long-legged air-walker above, the fire-eating hula-hoop-swinging seductress from Vaudeville, and the strange long-legged poodle-people at events must help people to relax and loosen up. Entertainers like these probably help to transport folk away from the normality of day-to-day living, perhaps allowing adults to be less adult, and adopt a more child-like minds. Well, this is the effect that it has on me, so I can only assume that it would have a similar effect on many others.

Please, if you know where to contact the entertainers in the photos, leave a comment below so that we can make their contact details available and thereby have the pleasure of seeing them at more events. Oh, and I promise, I'm not just trying to get the fire-eating hula-hoop-swinging seductress from Vaudeville's number. ;)

Why do people love horse-racing?

Why do people love horse racing?
I was never sure why people loved horse-racing so. I wondered if it was that people just love horses, or perhaps that it was the thrill of placing money with a bookie and the possibility of winning, or maybe even the intricate factors gamblers consider when choosing a horse.

While these are all true, after our time at the J&B Met I've come to believe that the overriding excitement in horse racing is the tension that is built while the horses are on the field. As a dozen horses charge down the field there's nothing quite like hearing the faint sound of 48 hooves crescendo into what sounds like a thousand drums. It's truly an amazing sound!

Jack Mantis, Magic Carpet Ride, Loyiso and the J&B Met

Jack Mantis Band at the J&B Met

While relaxing in style at the J&B Met we were treated to music by local star performers - the Jack Mantis Band, Magic Carpet Ride, and Loyiso.

I've heard Magic Carpet Ride's music previously, and I'm sure every South African has heard Loyiso by now, and while both were great entertainment it was the two members of the Jack Mantis Band that blew us away. Their music was a chilled and laid-back mixture of blues, reggae and rock - and the perfect accompaniment to an already outstanding event.

Visit their website and take a moment to listen to a few of their tracks, or watch this YouTube music video - a love song featuring Jack's (strikingly beautiful) girlfriend whom, by chance, Kerry-Anne found herself chatting with while watching the show.

If you haven't yet seen our other photo albums from the J&B Met click here for horses, and here for people, and finally here for photos of Loyiso, Magic Carpet Ride and the Jack Mantis Band.

Celebrities and beautiful people of the 2011 J&B Met

Miss South Africa - Bokang Montjane

While most visitors to the J&B Met found themselves on the outside of the racing track, we got to hob-nob with celebrities, socialites, and wealthy business people in the J&B Hospitality Marquee on the inside of the track. As you perhaps can tell, we're not socialites, celebrities, or wealthy business people so it took a while for us to become accustomed to being waited on hand-and-foot. But, once we settled into it, it came as naturally as scooping water from a fresh mountain stream.

What I found surprising, and awesome, about our time with the prominent people in society was that they were far less pretentious than I'd imagined they would be. Folk were friendly, everyone had huge amounts of fun, and we didn't once feel out of place. In fact, we felt quite comfortable sliding into celebrity life - even if only for a single day. :)

One thing that I haven't mentioned is that while it's obvious that the lady in the photo is Bokang Montjane, Miss South Africa, I have to be honest and say that I have no clue who most of the other celebrities and well-known people that I may or may not have photographed are. So, this is where I'd love some help from you! If you have a little while, please visit our photo album and leave a comment below photos if you recognise the person in the pic.