Why do people love horse-racing?

Why do people love horse racing?
I was never sure why people loved horse-racing so. I wondered if it was that people just love horses, or perhaps that it was the thrill of placing money with a bookie and the possibility of winning, or maybe even the intricate factors gamblers consider when choosing a horse.

While these are all true, after our time at the J&B Met I've come to believe that the overriding excitement in horse racing is the tension that is built while the horses are on the field. As a dozen horses charge down the field there's nothing quite like hearing the faint sound of 48 hooves crescendo into what sounds like a thousand drums. It's truly an amazing sound!

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    True, but sometimes wild horses also fall and may die, I suppose. :( So perhaps racing isn’t so bad – as long as the horses are enjoying themselves. I have a feeling that they enjoy the competition and all the attention they’re given. :)

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