Just another gorgeous day in Cape Town

Devil's Peak
We Capetonians are under no illusions regarding this terrible burden we bear. Whenever we have days like this, we gripe quietly to one another about how terrible it is to live in this city, and what a tough job we have keeping this place going

Of course, we realise that someone has to do it. And since we're such good souls, we take this task upon ourselves without complaint, and make the best of it.

Yup, we do what we have to do... which, in summer, mostly involves watching stunning sunsets at the beach, drinking cocktails, spending the afternoon in the pool, braaiing with friends and walking on the mountain. *sigh* It's a tough life.

8 thoughts on “Just another gorgeous day in Cape Town

  1. Jacob

    Well, I can see why you would complain. If that picture is any indication, you must live in a hell hole. My goodness, how do you stand it?

    We have the same problem in Florida. Although, I have to admit we don’t have that kind of scenery around our place.

    Nice photograph!

  2. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    Obnoxio, perfectly understandable. I’d hate us too if I didn’t live here. :P

    Jacob, it’s really hard. I’m glad that you understand, having to put up with all that sun in Florida as you do. We’ll manage somehow, though. Chin up!

    Rob, sometimes I look at those towers and wonder how on earth they’ve survived this long. I think we all have some kind of strange, twisted sense of affection for them though, to be honest. :)

  3. Dottie Jo

    Lovely blog! And I do feel so sorry for you! Poor baby!
    My husband had the privilege to visit South Africa in 2006, and LOVED it. Amazing, life changing, he couldn’t come up with enough adjectives! He climbed Table Mountain, and took some beautiful photos.

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