Table Mountain and the city bowl

Table Mountain and the city bowl
As the day wears on, the shadow of our mountain slowly creeps forward to remind those who live in the city bowl that the day is at its end. One of the down sides (perhaps the only down side) of living near Table Mountain is that sunny days are cut short far sooner than one would expect - which is arguably a good thing on the few stifling-hot days we have in the beginning of the year.

3 thoughts on “Table Mountain and the city bowl

  1. kate

    Do so love all the pics of cape town,and always shared them with my family overseas!why o why have you taken away the share option,keep up the good work,hope you have a awesome weekend.rain and all :-)

  2. kate

    Thanks so much for the reply,it is as you said,I get them on my mobile.The time that you posted them in the morning is when I usually get home from work,my work day starts at 10am so I don’t get the time to take many pics so I loved sharing yours,,,,but I will be holding thumbs that I’ll be able to do so in the future especially now that summer is here :-) enjoy your sunday wherever your camera may take you :-)

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