Mini road trip through Malmesbury

Mini road road trip
Returning from our little road trip to Riebeek Kasteel we headed towards the well-known farming town of Malmesbury (map).

In case you're planning a trip, perhaps it's worth noting that Malmesbury isn't really a town to visit on an outing - in my opinion. The town itself isn't very pretty and rather the kind of town that one passes though when heading up the West Coast, or when going to places like Riebeek West, or Ceres.

Please, I'm looking for someone to disagree with me - so if you're keen on Malmesbury, please do leave a comment to say why you love it. I'm just being honest when I say that although the countryside is extremely beautiful, I've never found the town very pleasant at all.

5 thoughts on “Mini road trip through Malmesbury

  1. Michael Rolfe

    Well, okay, Malmesbury itself (unlike the surrounding countryside, see the Weet-Bix box) is not a picture-postcard, but the way to visit the area is to have a stomach-lining greasy breakfast at the Wimpy and then hit the wine-routeing.

    There are the big estates and also quite a view boutique/garagiste wineries, e.g. which I have visited several times and which is really great.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Michael, I’m glad that you agree – and I’m also glad that you found an alternative reason to visit the area. I’d expected it would be only to see the beautiful surroundings… but I have to agree, going wine-tasting while out in the country is an awesome idea!

    (Thanks for the link.)

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  4. Nastassja

    Hi Paul!

    I live and work in Malmesbury. I think it’s a beautiful town :) This town has a great history and is known as the heart of the Swartland. We have a variety of museums, great restaurants and events such as MOLL fees, Malmesbury skou, Houtstok fees etc. Malmesbury also won an award in 2007 and 2008 for the cleanest town in SA, last year Malmesbury was the 3rd runner up in the province. I can go on forever… Next time when planning a road trip through Malmesbury, look up events on the following websites:

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for your message Nastassja! I’m so glad that there’s at least someone (or some people) who feel passionate about the town.

    Could you perhaps suggest one or two of the best restaurants in Malmesbury (it’s so difficult to believe what one reads in ad brochures, or on restaurant sites)? We’ve looked for places to eat, but I guess we’re just not observant enough.

    When is the Molfees, and what makes it so awesome?

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