Train with a sea view

Train with a sea view
The metro train route that leads from Cape Town Station to Muizenberg and along the coast to Simon's Town is the most popular tourist train route in Cape Town. Well... I guess that's because none of the other routes are frequented by tourists - probably because none of the other have such beautiful views!

The train itself is crummy inside - nothing much to behold, and it's a little dirty inside and (as you can see) especially so on the outside!

On the plus side, locals and visitors are able to buy a special tourist ticket that costs around R20. The specific ticket is a day pass that allows for traveler to hop on and hop off at any station along the route from Cape Town to Simon's Town. Isn't that awesome!?

7 thoughts on “Train with a sea view

  1. Ali

    When I stayed in CPT, I rent a room in Muizenberg. We had a lovely view to an artificial (?) lake/river/whatever in Waterways. :)

    Ugly train but nice view, Paul. It revives my itchy feet.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    It was probably Zeekoevlei dam. Yeah, it’s sometimes confusing to know whether bodies of water are lakes, rivers, or dams. :)

    There are a few nice areas out that way, but generally I prefer the Atlantic Seaboard – Sea Point through to Llndudno.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Ali, yes, okay, Sandvlei dam… Ziekoevlei is 3 click north east. :)

    Thanks MJW – I only really noticed that afterwards, but yup, a fair contrast it is!

  4. Mari

    Hi there Paul and Kerry-Anne

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. The images are beautiful and the writing interesting.
    Thanks for the bit of CPT I am now able to view.

    Keep well

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