A picture from a train window

Train Window
I use to travel by train to work - many years ago - but since our offices moved far closer to home I've taken the car to work each day; and had the pleasure of parking in our building's basement parking garage!

Commuting by car and parking in my company building is a cry from the tiresome rushing to make it to the train on time or the boredom of waiting for it to leave Cape Town station on the way back home in the evening. I'm even more grateful this wintery time of the year when I think of the times that I sat in that drafty train with the ice-cold breeze blowing down my neck and the long walks to and from the train stations. Sometimes, when I get irritated by morning traffic, I think of those days and how much better it is to be sitting in my warm car listening to music. It makes traffic seem a whole lot more bearable.

Incidentally, this photo was taken in the Woodstock area... and the reason why you see so little of the scenery is that some time back Metrorail decreased the size of the windows dramatically to reduce the chance of people exiting the train by unconventional means. And, besides for this, I kinda liked the photo just like this; window an all.

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  1. Ali

    According to some weather sites, we only have about 12°C. That’s NOT freaking freezing! But -20°C is! I can clearly imagine the next UNICEF Africa ad: Please spend UGG boots, Africa is cold. :D

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