Roads and trees

Roads and Trees

I love these kinds of roads; the trees form a tunnel that makes me feel like a Formula 1 driver - only without the Formula and without the 1. Not that I'd actually be able to drive at those speeds on our roads as, irrespective of the actual day of the week, there's invariably a Sunday-afternoon-cruiser enjoying the drive somewhere ahead of me. At times like these I need to remind myself that it's okay, perhaps even good, to drive s-l-oooooo-w-l-y. :)

Congestion on Cape Town's roads has been increasing steadily over the past years, with the effects being felt more intensely since the 2010 Soccer World Cup construction work began. Large alterations are in progress at the N1/M5 interchange near the city, as well as at Hospital Bend, which look as though they'll improve the rush-hour traffic problems significantly.

Believe me, most of Cape Town can't wait for them to be done!

Take a look at this 2008 article detailing the intended upgrades.

8 thoughts on “Roads and trees

  1. Jonathan Carter

    Nice photo, very surreal. My father lives in Bothasig so I drive through there regularly. It’s like driving in a parallel universe or something, the light dances between the trees and over you and your car, everything feels super peaceful and perfect. I missed it horribly when I stayed in Jo’burg for a while, you just don’t get anything like it there (and here I thought I was over bitching about Jo’burg). Anyway, thanks for the photo :)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    That’s exactly right Jonathan – parallel universe. It’s quite unlike any other road – and peaceful, yes, that’s exactly it, and perhaps why some drive it so slowly.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Gwen.

    Beverley, believe it or not, I was actually driving very slowly… while taking this photo! :) I happened to have my camera handy on my lap. The was no traffic, and it was such a beautiful scene that I just raised the camera, hit the ON button, and snapped the shot.

    There are unfortunately no safe places to stop (in the direction that I was traveling) and only one or two in the other direction. It’s actually prettier than the photo shows – there are beautiful vineyards to the right of the picture.

  4. Dawn Botha

    This is near Durbanville on the road from Blouberg/Milnerton, if I am not mistaken. My mom and I spent some time in the beautiful Cape in March and we stayed in Durbanville. We often used this road into the city instead of the N1. I soo wanted to take a photo there, but as you say places to stop are very scarce. I am staying in Bloemfontein and I regularly visit your site. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Dawn, yes, you clearly traveled the road often. :) And, yes, the route you took to the city is FAR prettier than the highway. Thanks for the compliment!

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