Take flight

Birds at sunset

I found this photo in our archives - Paul took it about three weeks ago, but I decided that it's too beautiful not to post. It looks almost like something that Monet could have painted - can you see the brush strokes criss-crossing the sky? He probably would've added a bit more yellow, mind you. ;-)

Friends of ours get to look out at this scene every evening, from the balcony of their flat in Milnerton. I think in future we'll have to time all our visits to coincide with the setting sun - there's something so serene and calming about watching birds taking flight as the sky is changing colour. For a few minutes you're forced to stop talking, stop thinking, stop working, and just absorb.

This photo reminded me of the Birds on the Wires musical experiment - if you haven't listened to it yet, stop whatever you're doing and listen to it now. Go on, you need the break. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Take flight

  1. Beverley

    I agree this is one Paul should have posted, just look at that sky and I agree with you Kerry-Ann it could well have been a painting by Monet but I wouldn’t want any more ‘yellow’ added so I think Paul’s capture is ‘just right’

    You’ll be interested in knowing that a lot of your birds are now beginning to arrive over here in the UK where they will spend the winter..

    Love the link to the Birds on the Wires music..

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