An old car?

On old car

We found this old car on the De Vallei wine farm's grounds. At first I thought that perhaps someone was trying to refurbish it, but on closer inspection I noticed the roll cage inside the cabin and realised that it may be used for stock car racing!

When I was in school, friends often spoke excitedly of the stock car races that they'd been to. I've never been to a race, but Kerry-Anne on the other hand seems to have been something of a regular visitor - dragged along to the noisy events at the Goodwood Showground (which no longer exists) by her mom and dad. She swears it was loads of fun.

The Tygerberg Raceway, a proper oval dirt race track, is still in operation and in fact will be hosting a race on 17 October and 7 November this year. Contact details and information about the events seem to be fairly scarce on the web, but if you're interested in attending a race, this page has a contact number that you could call to find out more about dates, times, and cost.

9 thoughts on “An old car?

  1. Belinda

    Do you know of some1 that buys old cars, to make into stockcars.
    I’ve got an old 1961 chev corvair for sale for R20,000. the body needs attention.

  2. Mikkie

    I Have found an 1960s Jaguar KM2 3.4 in an abandon house, wheels been stolen and hasnt heen used in Years. Owners are nowhere to be found……

    What do I do?
    Would meke a great restoration project!
    Please help!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Mikkie, you keep the car, I’ll keep the house. :)

    Seriously though, I don’t suppose that you can legally just take the Jag. You could find out from the municipality who owns the land, and then see if they’re still around. If they’re not around, and have no relatives, then unfortunately (and I presume you’re in SA) the land reverts to the government (as far as I know). Again, unfortunately, if that were to happen, nobody can guarantee that somebody’s mother’s brother’s aunt’s nephew won’t end up with the car. :(

    Sorry, I’m not being too much help here!

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