& Union for drinks

& Union Beer Salon

We had the chance for the first time to visit & Union (yes, that's And Union) for drinks and a light snack last Friday. We had an awesome evening, not only due to the fun people that we met up with, the exclusive selection of imported beer, and the yummy bratwurst snacks, but also because we were fortunate to be treated to a few dozen songs by photographer and musician, Andy Lund (pictured here, on the right).

As you may have gathered, summer has arrived in Cape Town. Days are getting longer and evenings are getting warmer - which means that restaurants have started spilling over into the open air, creating an awesome party vibe throughout the city. I love this time of year!

If you're looking for directions to & Union, no worries, here's a map. :)

3 thoughts on “& Union for drinks

  1. Emm

    It used to be my favourite time of year in SA too. Wait, no, a tiny bit earlier when you first felt that warm breeze floating through the air, signalling that summer was on the way.

    Curiously enough, I don’t hate winter here as much as I hated it in SA… this time of year is uncomfortable because more often than not, I’m too hot!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Emm, the weather’s a little stuffed up this year. As you will know it’s normally flaming hot already, but this year about half the time, we’re still having fairly cool evenings.

    Perhaps you don’t hate Winter as much ‘cos you kinda expect it to be cold?

  3. Emm

    Oh yes, I heard people were wearing uggs last week!

    No, it is more bearable here because it feels warmer. Our houses have central heating so at least my nose isn’t frozen stiff during the night! And it is not so hard to get out of bed as the house is already warm by that time. There are hard days like today though – it suddenly got colder and I realised it is ear muff time!

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